Queen ‎– We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions (CD SINgle)

With the mix name “Ruined by Rick Rubin” it does fore warn you that there maybe trouble ahead!

Yes Def Jam Head Honcho and music fan Rick Rubin has a go at mixing these 2 classics in a 90’s Street Style. Rick’s goal was actually to ruin this to make a point of remixing classic songs. He thought the original was perfect as is and used this as a statement.

Guesting are 2 Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s band members, Flea adding some bass and Chad Smith on drums (as well as plenty of loops by Danny James Phillips and David Klein ) Zulu DJ Afrika Islam (Charles Andre Glenn) on the turntables.

The remix is that weird people thought they had bought a faulty CD !



Hollywood BASIC – HB-66573-2

We Will Rock You (Ruined By Rick Rubin)5:01
We Will Rock You (Ruined Instrumental)2:12
We Are The Champions (Ruined By Rick Rubin)3:27
We Will Rock You (Big Beat A Cappella)1:56
We Will Rock You (Zulu Scratch A Cappella)1:25

5 thoughts on “Queen ‎– We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions (CD SINgle)”

  1. Hmmm, I find the first half of We Will Rock You very interesting, and frankly quite visionary / ahead of its time, as it strongly reminds me of the 2017 JNG RMR remixes of Falco, esp those done by Mirac & RayRay and Ogris Debris. Then the second half, when the scratches begin, it degenerates into a rather dilettantish sounding off-tempo sonic mud.

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