Queen ‎– Scandal (CD Single)

From October ’89 and the last of the Queen batch of more obscure late 80’s releases. Again from LP “The Miracle.,” the fourth single.

The 12″ is harder edged and more aggressive with the anti-press message. It has added guitar parts that were not on the album. The actual keyboards and guitars were recorded in one take by May. Mercury’s vocal was also done in one take.

It contains the unedited and very poignant track, “My Life Has Been Saved” More guitar and a different bass, than the “Made In Heaven” version

“Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times!”



Parlophone ‎– CD QUEEN 14

1Scandal (12″ Version)6:38
2My Life Has Been Saved3:18
3Scandal (7″ Version)4:41

3 thoughts on “Queen ‎– Scandal (CD Single)”

  1. The 7″ version of “Scandal” is significantly longer than the version on the album! This 12″ version is also longer than the (supposed) 12″ version on the rereleased album as a bonus track. Thank you for these.

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