Queen ‎– Breakthru (CD Maxi SIngle)

Today is Queen Day (Late 80’s and remixes)

First of a bunch of Queen releases and a personal favourite, love the video and it contains all the necessary Queen elements (choral effects, piano intro and plenty of rock guitar) Released June 1989 it cemented their reputation as Rock leaders over 2 decades.

The 12″ is a proper alternative mix, very different and great through headphones. Extra guitars and vocals. Produced by David Richards.

“Stealin'” is a bluesy B-side. Freddie having fun with the lyrics. A rare rhythm and blues track with Freddie involved in most of the composition.



Parlophone ‎– 560-20 3421 2

1Breakthru (12″ Version)5:47
3Breakthru (Single Version)4:09

One thought on “Queen ‎– Breakthru (CD Maxi SIngle)”

  1. “Stealin'” is available in two versions on the reissue, but they are different from what is on offer here. And with the bonus tracks of The Miracle it doesn’t include either 12″ or “Single” versions of the track. Thank you. Love Queen. One of my all time favorites.

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