Spear Of Destiny ‎– Never Take Me Alive (German 12″)

Posted this a while back as the 12″ Double Pack. This German 12″ has the amazing Zeus B Held Extended version.

Thundering drums and dramatic keys. It is one of my favourite songs by Kirk Brandon. The 12″ plays around with the order and it takes a few listens to get used to new editing and it does drag a little.

The rocky “Land Of Shame” is great track on its own and also from the album, “Outland.” In the spirit of Punk.

The 12″ version sounds a bit like “Dancing In The Street” with the city shout-outs and very Springsteen. The song kicking in eventually at three and a half minutes.



10 Records ‎– 609 041

ANever Take Me Alive (Extended Version)6:18
B1Land Of Shame (Extended Mix)8:21
B2Land Of Shame (Original Version)2:50

7 thoughts on “Spear Of Destiny ‎– Never Take Me Alive (German 12″)”

  1. Thanks for this….it and the men they couldn’t hang’s ‘the colours’ was never off my turntable back in the day…happy memories !!

  2. Awesome, the God fearing, Bible hugging, gun toting in me likes songs like this. A dystopia (SHTF) song kinda like a good 16 Horse Power (16 HP) song. Hey whatcha expect from a Southern hick living in the middle of 300 acres. Thanks DJ Jed … something for everyone here.

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