Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan ‎– All Across The Nation (CD SINGLE)

Thought this was already on here to be honest.

Radio Heart were in fact the trio of two brothers and Numan (David Nicholson, Gary Webb and Hugh Nicholson) Both the Brothers were in Scottish 70’s Rock Band, Blue.

From 1987 and the quite rocky “All Across The Nation” featuring Gary Numan. A definite Goth feel to it. It chugs along with some nice piano touches and some electronic choirs doing the “Oohs” and “Aahs” Apparently this was Numan’s first CD release.

The Extended Version is much meatier and the preferred listen.

I quite like the chiming, instrumental B side, “River” all embracing the new digital samplers (and including a few preset sounds too!) With some trademark motifs in there as well.

There’s a lot of Numan fans on here so they will probably add some details in the comments section.


1Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Extended Remix)5:38
2Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Radio Mix)4:02
3Gary NumanRiver3:39
4Radio HeartAll Across The Nation (Instrumental)5:37

4 thoughts on “Radio Heart Featuring Gary Numan ‎– All Across The Nation (CD SINGLE)”

  1. Nice, must admit I never cared much for Numan past his one hit, but this rocks. Little Billy Idol meets Xymox sound going on here. Thank You !

    1. One hit? Yeah right that’s why he had two number one singles in the space of two months at 19 years old. Clueless. Oh and his last album came into the UK charts at number 2 a few years ago. The new one could well come in at number 1 in May, 43 years into the career. One hit wonder lol

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