Scarlet Fantastic ‎– Plug Me In + Re-ups (Red 12″)

Ex-Swans Way members Maggie De Monde and Rick Phylip-Jones released this debut back in 1987. Produced mixed by Jones with Daize Washbourn and Karen Hewitt (Aussie engineer who worked with S,A,W) give the mixes a light, synthpop touch over De Monde’s distinct vocals and occasional rawk guitar in amongst the synths.

The “Amsterdam Connection” is slightly different mix, more of a dub.

Landscape’s John Waters was behind the arrangement on the piano ballad-like “French Connection” with added accordion. Getting back to their Swans Way roots.

More here ;

And their hit here;

Arista ‎– 609 693

APlug Me In (The F. Train Connection)
B1Plug Me In (The Amsterdam Connection)
B2Plug Me In (The French Connection)

One thought on “Scarlet Fantastic ‎– Plug Me In + Re-ups (Red 12″)”

  1. Really digging this sound…. If you run across the 3rd E.P. I would love a ping so I don’t miss it… Thank you very much ! Music find of the year so far for me.

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