Frōzen Ghōst ‎– Frōzen Ghōst (US LP)

Featured their second album a few weeks back so best post their superior debut album from ’87. The Canadian AOR band provide Rock with synths and have some excellent songs.

Fans of The Fixx may like their sound which is a little similar to Rush around this time. Lenny Mizzoni adds some saxophone to most track, the guitars chiming not shrieking. (Only the last track having a proper guitar solo)

An album you can put on the background with skip button not needed.

Atlantic ‎– 81736-1

A1Should I See3:48
A3Beware The Masque4:00
A4Yum Bai Ya3:55
A5Love Like A Fire4:07
B1End Of The Line3:32
B2Time Is The Answer4:01
B3Love Without Lies4:11
B4Soldiers Cry3:36
B5Truth In Lies4:20

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