Steve Jansen And Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Stay Close (12″)

From 1986 and getting a release in the UK and Japan for the respective fan groups. This collaboration between Japan’s Jansen and Y.M.O’s Takahashi.

Additional guest musicians included Ki-Ki on backing vocals, Carlos Alomar , Bowie’s guitarist) Hiroshi Sato, (on piano) and Hiroyasu Yaguchi (on saxophone and in the band Real Fish)

The track is sophisticated synthpop , a mad hybrid of “China Girl” and “Zoolook” and super extended on the twelve inch version.

“Betsu-Ni” is an upbeat bit of synthpop that builds nicely. A great missing track for the fans.

“Weirder World” is an instrumental version so you can appreciate the complex arrangements, especially, as you would express the percussion.

Rime Records ‎– RIME 1

AStay Close8:10
B2Stay Close (Weirder World)2:56

4 thoughts on “Steve Jansen And Yukihiro Takahashi ‎– Stay Close (12″)”

  1. I just love this 12″. The boys from Japan were firing on all cylinders in the late 80s. Maybe breaking up is what they all needed to let their artistry flourish.

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