Centerfold ‎– Dictator (Netherlands 12″)

Driving bass and plenty of synths on this bit of Euro Disco from ’86.

Formed in 1984, the group was known for their songs full of sexual innuendo and live shows in sexy clothing. Involving 3 Glamour Models; Cecilia de Bruin, Laura Fygi and Rowan Moore (all Centrefold Models for Dutch Playboy) were under the guidance (literally) of Dutch producer Onno Vandelaak, I had to look him up l.

This was remixed by Rutger “Rutti” Kroese who gives it a bit of welly and drive (“Trapped”) even though the lyrics are not up to much. As you can see it is all about a dictator machine not a despot !

Sex sells! (eh, Sam Fox et al)

Injection Disco Dance Label ‎– 234.726

ADictator (Dance Mix)7:31
BDictator (Instrumental Version)3:30

5 thoughts on “Centerfold ‎– Dictator (Netherlands 12″)”

  1. I love this song. Centerfold made a number of good records in the 80s.
    Here is a rarer USA Dance mix done by Peter Slaghuis if you are interested. It has the “chopping block edits” that were popular at the time in The Netherlands, so it is not the needle skipping.

  2. A Great idea for a Playboy model pop group; Probably too “euro-disco-ey” to have been a hit in the UK despite being sung in English. A shame.

    I couldnt make head nor tail of the lyrics. Are you sure its about a dictator machine ? Im not convinced.

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