The Explorers ‎– Two Worlds Apart (12″)

For the Roxy Music fans and a rare Explorers twelve from Mike B.

From 1985 and an another slow / mid-tempo main track. Quite soulful with James Wraith on a croon-a-thon. Distinctive sax from the late Andrew Mackay and some classy guitar licks from Phil Manzanera. Tessa Niles provides some backing vocals. A host of session musicians (Bass – Alan Spenner,Drums – Steve Gadd, Piano – Paul Carrack, Synthesizer – Guy Fletcher (Dire Straits) and Tabla – Chris Karan) give it almost a Motown feel.

For fans there are 2 non-album tracks for you listening pleasure. The lively “Voodoo Isle” with a funky disco bass.

“It Always Rains In Paradise” is the only one a bit like Roxy Music but still has a soul feel to it with a Steve Wonder like solo.

NEW LINK 2022 *link fixed*

Virgin ‎– VS 757-12

ATwo Worlds Apart
B1Voodoo Isle
B2It Always Rains In Paradise

7 thoughts on “The Explorers ‎– Two Worlds Apart (12″)”

  1. Aaaaaah. The Explorers! Wouldn’t you know that the best Roxy Music clone band would be the one developed by Phil Manzanera and Andy MacKay! I was dubious, after seeing the video for “Lorelei” and thinking “ghod, this James Wraith sounds more like Bryan Ferry than anyone else; and that’s a wiiiiiide playing field!!” But once I saw the first UK CD and decided to go for it, I was playing it incessantly. I think I still have this 12″ though all of the two albums and various remixes/B-sides are across the two “Manzanera + MacKay” CDs that came out in America years later.

  2. Hi. The link provided takes me to the “Falling For Nightlife (Midnight Mix)” post. Could you please repost this one with the correct link? I had no idea this band existed. Looking forward to hearing it all. Thanks!

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