The Creatures ‎– Right Now (12″)

The Creatures (Siouxie and Budgie) were always ones for brevity. This whole 12″ from July ’83 is well under 9 minutes long, the sum of all four tracks!

A cover version of the Big Band classic from 1962, written by Herbie Mann and Carl Sigman , it is pretty faithful to the original with just a voices and percussion with some brass (Saxophone – Gary Barnacle, Trombone – Peter Thoms and Trumpet – Luke Tunney)

Marimba and more vocals used at intruments on “Weathercade”

“Festival Of Colours” has mystic chanting, it’s a Hare Krishna festival. “Dance On Glass” has off beat rhythms and some scratched guitar.

Minimalism at its best.


Wonderland ‎– SHEX 2

A1Right Now2:13
B1Festival Of Colours3:31
B2Dancing On Glass2:15

2 thoughts on “The Creatures ‎– Right Now (12″)”

  1. I’ll never forget that when Robert Plant was Guest VJ on MTV in America in the early 80s, he played a lot of really left field material that was at odds with his “rock god” branding. Things like “Everything Counts” by Depeche Mode, but most impressively, the video for “Right Now” by The Creatures. Which was stunningly unexpected, to put it mildly. The clip did not even have the traditional MTV standard artist/label credit on it so I’m guessing strings were pulled to make this happen for Mr. Plant. Darth Vader sez’ “most impressive.” I eventually managed to buy the 7″ of this in a catalog in the 80s as I never saw a copy in a store. Ever.

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