Go West ‎– Eye To Eye (Credibility Mix) (US 12″)

A very early release from Go West (just look at the cover!) from ’85 and the soulful synth of “Eye To Eye” (the title being really close to “We Close Our Eyes” so probably got a bit confused and prevented it from getting a release a UK release (coming out in America, Japan and New Zealand)

A fine vocal performance from Peter Cox with all the instruments coming from the talented Richard Drummie.

The System (David Frank & Mic Murphy) provides the mixes on tracks 1 and 2, giving it a deep US funk feel over the original production by Gary Stevenson. The sax break now in the middle.

Julian Mendelsohn with Ron Fair and band strip it back but use the Orchestra synth stab that would be the basis of “We Close Our Eyes”, the bass not as heavy but the drums are huge.

The Dub has some layered drums and the large bass sound bouncing across the speakers.



Chrysalis ‎– 4V9 42900

AEye To Eye (Credibility Mix)5:45
B1Eye To Eye (Horizontal Mix)5:05
B2Eye To Eye (Credibility Dub Mix)4:50

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