Various – in store sampler (feat. accept, slade, orion the hunter, face to face) (US vinyl LP)

From 1984 and 4 Rock artists on the Epic label. Have 2 or 3 tracks featured on this album. Air Guitar at the ready! Machismo check.

An international selection starting with Accept, a German heavy metal band from the town of Solingen, originally assembled in the early 1970s by vocalist Udo Dirkschneider (with his AC/DC style vocals) Accompanying him are ; Bass â€“ Peter Baltes, Drums â€“ Stefan Kaufman and Guitars â€“ Hermann Frank and Wolf Hoffmann

“Balls To The Wall” is the title track of the ’83 album. Anti-War and with lots of Germanic chanting. “Losing More Than You Ever Had” chugs along and a singalong chorus (If you can have that in Metal!) Love those Simmons Drum Pads 🤣

Orion The Hunter was a hard rock/AOR band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, that was formed in 1984 under the name of Orion. The band was formed by Barry Goudreau after leaving Boston. One self-titled album then they split. A big line-up of Guitar, Vocals, Producer â€“ Goudreau, Lead Vocals â€“ Fran Cosmo, Bass, Vocals â€“ Bruce Smith, Drums â€“ Michael De Rosier (Heart), Mellotron, Synthesizer [Oberheim Organ] â€“ John Schuller, Piano â€“ Steve Baker and Synthesizer [Memory Moog & Prophet] â€“ Peter Wood.

They give us a more AOR sound with plenty of harmonies. “So You Ran” features Epic Record Exec Lennie Petze on guitar (Jeeez!) “Stand Up” is more atmospheric and with some “Flash” like effects. More pounding Simmons! “Joanne” goes into Boston territory, a piano Power Ballad with cheesy lyrics.

Face To Face (another Boston band) seem a bit of an odd one out. More New Wave than the others. Again the 3 tracks are from their debut, self titled album. The line-up was ; Angelo Petraglia (guitars and keyboards), Billy Beard (drums), John Ryder (bass), Laurie Sargent (vocals) and Stuart Kimball (guitar and keyboards)

“10-9-8”, a breakthrough hit , features Cyndi Lauper on backing vocals. “Out Of My Hands” has more guitar and some great vocals from Sargent. Track of the compilation is the Arthur Baker infused “Under The Gun” with a rap and Tina B (Baker’s wife) on backing vocals.

So this brings us to British Institution of Slade. Here in the Twilight of their career and from the ’83 album, “The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome” Featuring the classic line-up of; Bass, Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals â€“ Jim Lea, Drums, Percussion, Gong â€“ Don Powell, Guitar, Backing Vocals â€“ Dave Hill and Lead Vocals, Guitar, Backing Vocals â€“ Noddy Holder.

“My Oh My” is a classic Power Ballad that does not get played that much. God, it even has a false ending! The Bagpipe guitars and “Hounds Of Love” drums finish off the compilation with “Run Runaway” – you’ll all be singing it in the morning!

Epic â€Žâ€“ AS 1874

A1AcceptBalls To The Wall5:42
A2AcceptLosing More Than You’ve Ever Had5:09
A3Orion The HunterSo You Ran5:06
A4Orion The HunterStand Up5:16
A5Orion The HunterJoanne4:26
B1Face To Face10-9-83:52
B2Face To FaceOut Of My Hands4:48
B3Face To FaceUnder The Gun4:35
B4SladeMy Oh My4:11
B5SladeRun Runaway4:59

2 thoughts on “Various – in store sampler (feat. accept, slade, orion the hunter, face to face) (US vinyl LP)”

  1. I was/am a fan of the group Face to Face (Sargent was a siren of a singer). I didn’t care for the Under the Gun song and thought it was out of place for their style, but it charted (so what do I know).

    Thanks for this (and the Moody Blue Extended in your other post).

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