Sunday Silly song – 112- Morris Minor And The Majors ‎– Stutter Rap (No Sleep Til Bedtime) (Euro 12″)

Oh dear, the not too politically correct Stutter Rap from Morris Minor And The Majors (TV Comedian and presenter Tony Hawks, Paul Boross (One half of The Calypso Twins with Ainsley Harriott , Philip Judge (Film and TV actor) and session guitarist, comedian and producer Jakko M. Jackszyk (Grand Master Jelly Tot)

Released in January 1988, Paul Dakeyne provided the Dance Mix with a spoken word intro (and outro) and clearer lyrics and some humorous samples.

Out doing the Beastie Boys with a similar arrangement but distinctly “English” lyrics.

The B-side is a synthetic backed parody of bad songwriting for crap B-sides. And it is crap – deliberately.

10 Records ‎– 609 751

AStutter Rap (No Sleep Til Bedtime) (12″ Dance Mix)6:16
B1Stutter Rap (No Sleep Til Bedtime)7:00
B2Another Boring ‘B’ Side4:03

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