Goldpeople Feat. Glenn Gregory ‎– Music Don’t Stop! (German Cd Single)

Last of the collaborations for this week and Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory guest vocals on this bass heavy bit of Dance music from 2002.

Goldpeople were one of a number of alias’s of German production team of Arno Kammermeier (Booka Shade), Peter Hayo and Walter Merziger (also Booka Shade)

Gregory provides a rich tone lush feel to a standard, mid -tempo House track. Some vocal fiddling but a solid track with a synth pop feel. A variety of mixes, all slightly different. The extended mix being the definite version.

Berlin pop duo, 2raumwohnung (featuring Inga Humpe) , beef up the bass even more and it has a deeper groove.

Boca (Stephan Bodzin) rattles up the b.p.m and is the hardest of the mixes. All drums.

Jive ‎– 9253742

1Music Don’t Stop! (Radio Mix)3:25
2Music Don’t Stop! (2raumwohnung Radio Mix)3:48
3Music Don’t Stop! (Dance Radio Mix)3:49
4Music Don’t Stop! (Extended Mix)5:32
5Music Don’t Stop! (2raumwohnung Remix)6:57
6Music Don’t Stop! (Boca Remix)7:34
7Music Don’t Stop! (2raumwohnung Dub Remix)7:29

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