Afrika Bambaataa Featuring Gary Numan ‎– Metal (US 12″)

An unlikely collaboration between the original synth pioneers. Released in 2004 this also incorporates Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” in the lyrics. I suspect the vocals were specially recorded as the track nods back to Planet Rock towards the end, he couldn’t resist !

Mixed by UK DJ/Producer Paul Daley (A Man Called Adam, Leftfield) and featuring guest rapper MC Chatterbox

The 2 dubs are disappointing with the Disco beats and wet bass on Dub 2, that goes off all random white noise and analogue sounds. Dub 1 is slightly better, the bassline and bits of the vocals, but far too long.

Tommy Boy ‎– TB 2453-0

AMetal (Paul Daley Club Mix)5:02
B1Metal (Paul Daley Dub 1)7:48
B2Metal (Paul Daley Dub 2)4:46

4 thoughts on “Afrika Bambaataa Featuring Gary Numan ‎– Metal (US 12″)”

  1. I’m an ardent Numan fan – different trips to London from NYC in the mid and late 80s to see him live – but I know is a lot of stuff out there that is just not necessary, just not good. Here’s an example.

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