The Meteors ‎– Together Too Long (Netherlands 7″)

Not the Rockabilly band called The Meteors!

From 1980 and with Conny Plank getting a writing credit as well as handling production. More Dutch New Wave with a band that were very well established in their home country but were starting the make waves across Europe.

The line-up included Bass – Gerrit Veen, Drums – Kim Haworth (UK drummer and short term member of America), Guitar – Ferdinand Bakker, Keyboards – Ake Danielson (who went on to be Time Bandits) and Vocals – Hugo Sinzheimer

This was from their second album, “The Hunger”. A sequenced bassline and string synths and really lifts off. Good atmosphere and blend of guitars and synths.

A hidden 80’s gem!

B-side “Out Of The Race” is pure Post Punk, fast and thrashy with plenty of variation and boogie-woogie piano.

Harvest ‎– 1A 006-26539

ATogether Too Long3:32
BOut Of The Race2:30

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