Spectral Display ‎– It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love (Netherlands 7″)

A slow, synth drenched ballad. from Dutch one man band, Michel Mulders. Some really nice , early digital synths sounds from 1982 and the vocalist, Henri Overduin, does sound a bit like Godley & Creme in places.

M.I.A. did a cover from the song on her album /\/\/\Y/\ from 2010.

The B-side does what it says in the title, an instrumental with rich synth arrangements. Slightly oriental in some sound choices but it shows how creative this band was. Elevator music never sounded this cinematic.



EMI ‎– 1A 006-26808

AIt Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love3:28

One thought on “Spectral Display ‎– It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love (Netherlands 7″)”

  1. Not much to this song, but I like it…. I am strange that way. The sparce deeper synth tones rubs me the right way sorta like Industry – State of the Nation song does.

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