Blue Mercedes ‎– Treehouse + Reup (12″)

So they finally went full ABC on this track November ’88. Horns and backing vocals and a very catchy bit of Pop. MCA were probably losing patience with them because there does not seem to be a promo vid around.

The unusually named “Acid Bath Murder Mix” has harder beats and bass but just doesn’t go with the track and soon becomes repetitive, even with another great piano solo.

The Street Latin Wolf is a House beats and loops but takes it time to get going and then just meanders.

We get a soaring , string drenched ballad in “Crunchy Love Affaire” -full blown production (and a synth sax solo) Okay it is cross between Spandau Ballet and ABC !

Now to track down the album, “Rich And Famous” – probably not what they are now.

Thanks Fred and Mike B for introducing me to this.

Just re-upped their “big” Hit here;


MCA Records ‎– BONAT 4

A1Treehouse (Acid Bath Murder Mix)
A2Treehouse (Street Latin Wolff 4)
B1Treehouse (7″ Version)
B2Crunchy Love Affaire

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