Killing Joke ‎– Adorations (The Extended Mix) (12″)

A couple more Alt. contributions to finish the week.

A bit of Killing Joke and one of my favourites. From August 1986 and with the lighter, more commercial sound, this was the lead single off their sixth studio album, “Brighter than a Thousand Suns”

Produced by Chris Kimsey with a Julien Mendelsohn mix, it’s gentle but powerful. The choice of the video being set in a Cathedral was apt.

Backed by the album cut, “Exile” revealing the more expansive sound and use of synths. A bit like the track “Goodbye to the Village” (B-side of Sanity) with a similar theme, as dark as Joy Division.

It was backed by Stewart Levine produced Ecstasy in an Extended Mix, the bass juddering along helps with the build up. Quite similar to “Love Like Blood” with Jaz’s demented laugh and the bass driven breakdown, a great 12″ mix.


EG ‎– EGOX 27

AAdorations (The Extended Mix)5:08
B2Ecstasy (The Extended Mix)6:30

5 thoughts on “Killing Joke ‎– Adorations (The Extended Mix) (12″)”

  1. This may have been a period of “softer” sound for KJ, but the menace and the urgency was still set to full tilt. For me, Adorations stands out as on of their greatest tracks. There’s something of a “global” feel to the song, something that Jaz was becoming more and more concerned with around this time. The topic broad and so was the audience he was trying to get the attention of.

  2. Very well put. Always loved this period and its remixes but was always dismissed by other ”older” fans who didn’t look beyond the first (admittedly classic!) album.

  3. “Brighter Than A Thousand Suns” was my first Joke album and I still love the darkly cinematic sweep it took. Less harsh than they could be but no less powerful for its restraint.

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