Q. Lazzarus ‎– Goodbye Horses (CD Rip)

A rare gem (well to have a digital copy), commanding three figure sums on Discogs, is this track from American singer Q. Lazzarus. – there was rumored to be an album somewhere but nothing came to light.

It featured in the films “Married To The Mob” (1988) Clerks 2 (2006) and, more famously, “The Silence Of The Lambs” (1991), and on a virtual Radio Show on Grand Theft Auto IV.

Written by William Garvey the just shy of 6 and half min version is the definite listen, haunting and new to me! Synth with soul and some.

]The B-side does seem like a demo with the muffled recording a bit of a rockier track, shame she didn’t more stuff!




Or FLAC !!!! (Shock!!!)



All Nations Records (2) ‎– 12 ANRS001


A Goodbye Horses 6:28
B1 Goodbye Horses (7″ Version) 4:20
B2 White Lines 4:35

Drum Theatre ‎– Home (Is Where The Heart Is) (Heartbeat Mix) + Re-ups (12″)

The six piece Boy Band that wasn’t a Boy Band, Drum Theatre released this in 1986. But they all could play drums!

Synth Soul from 1986 and produced with Gary Langan with some heavily sequenced bass that chugs it along. The synths sound a bit like “Change Your Mind” by Sharpe And Numan in places before going into a drum jam towards the end.

B-side “Now And Forever” is synth soaked , slow instrumental. Some cheesy chimes and waves noises and acoustic guitar in keeping with their World Music vibe. An odd choice of B-side.



Epic ‎– TA 7087 SAM_4293

A Home (Is Where The Heart Is) (Heartbeat Mix)
B Now And Forever

Fatal Charm ‎– Lucille (12″)

One of their last releases from 1987 and the mysterious “Lucille”, I’m guessing it’s about Lucille Ball ( who graces the cover) and the pressure of fame.

The Harmonica, from P.J. Bacon, gives it a bit of a The The vibe but with a Goth organ. Quite a dramatic end to the 12″, going a bit A-ha. The 7″ is also here to compare.

“Spend The Night Alone” is a straightforward rocker and quite retro sounding. “To Master A Plan” sounds like early Garbage, Post Punk

One again thanks to Lo for sharing these rare gems from a band that should of had more recognition.



Native Records ‎– 12NTV 20 1

A Lucille (Extended Version)
B1 To Master A Plan
B2 Spend The Night Alone

Sam Brown ‎– Stop! (12″)

More of an E.P. and showcasing the very talented Sam Brown who also played keyboards as well as sang.

Released in 1988 and produced and played on by her brother Pete Brown, whose Dad was 60’s Pop Star Joe Brown. Keep it in the family but a cracking song.

A timeless Classic with plenty of Blues and drama with Hammond Organ by Bob Andrews and the drums of Gavin Harrison as well as a tasteful String arrangement.

The other tracks are the “Poor Frank”, about a man bullied for his weight. An unusual arrangement which is a trademark for these tracks. Lots of slide guitar and some wry lyrics, it has a Country feel to it.

“Blue Soldier” has some wonky guitar, a bit Bowie-ish with a bit Glam feel. “Bones” is a mix of guitar with some nice lead piano and organ, quite rocky.



A&M Records ‎– AMY 440 stopfrontcov

A1 Stop!
A2 Poor Frank
B1 Blue Soldier
B2 Bones