Blue Zoo ‎– I’m Your Man (12″)

Only the second release from Blue Zoo from 1982 and surprisingly very synthy, based on a sequenced bassline, it gets a remix from Pete Hammond (an early one from him) Wow! The bass is as deep as Dr. Mabuse and the mix really beefs the track up. Not to keen on the female backing vocals though.

Exclusive B-side “Fate” is classic New Romantic. The saxophone , disjointed bass and even a recorder is thrown in around the theatrical vocals of Andy O.

Magnet ‎– 12 MAG 224

AI’m Your Man5:45

Bow Wow Wow ‎– Do You Wanna Hold Me? (US Promo 12″)

More from Bow Wow Wow and a later track that did chart (reaching number 47 in the UK!) Only slightly extended but very catchy, it has a dubbier ending. Again from the same album as the previous post with some dynamic production from Mike Chapman.

The bassline from Leigh Gorman (later to be in Chiefs Of Relief) is a wondrous thing.

RCA ‎– JD-13535

ADo You Wanna Hold Me?4:50
BDo You Wanna Hold Me?3:15

Bow Wow Wow ‎– Love, Peace And Harmony (US Promo 12″)

From 1983 and from their last album “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going.” This gets a remix from  Ivan Ivan and Kurt Munkacsi over the Mike Chapman production.

Still quite chanty and tribal with those Burundi Beats, some early loops creeps into the extended version which is only four and a half minutes long anyway!

Plenty of drums and a punchy, funky bass riff. But a really short 12″

RCA ‎– PD-13595

ALove, Peace And Harmony4:21
BLove, Peace And Harmony2:51

Blondie ‎– Rapture (12″)

I bloody have this! It is somewhere but I have it and it is a brilliant 12″. From 1981 and featuring a couple of lovely extended mixes produced by Mike Chapman.

This was from Fred’s now famous B file. Source unknown but he does seem to have plenty of CD’s and vinyls!!! If you look carefully it maybe on one of the shelves 😁

That’s what’s good thing about doing the blog, you suddenly get a glimmer of recognition and beam of nostalgia.

The track itself grooves along for 10 whole minutes – A DJ’s friend!

I’ve always had a soft spot for the B-side. Less polished but just as funky, it reminds me of “We Move” by Visage for some bizarre reason.

Both were from the 1981 LP “Autoamerican”

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2485

ARapture (Special Disco Mix)
BLive It Up (Special Disco Mix)

Big Country ‎– Just A Shadow (Extended Remix) + Re–ups (12″)

The last 12″ from Big Country from Fred’s collection. The 3rd and final single from ’84 album “Steeltown”. Released 11th January 1985 it culminated in rapid rise of fame and Worldwide recognition. They had such a good live reputation it was hard to find the promo vid !!

A reflective song, it does have a few Power Chords towards the end but it a classic BG track accompanied by the Lillywhite remix, is that a Fairlight or Emulator I can hear !?!

The 12″ of “Wonderland” is here with re-upped links (a non LP track);

“East Of Eden” also here;


Mercury ‎– BCO 812

AJust A Shadow (Extended Remix)7:41
B1Just A Shadow (7″ Version)4:28
B2Winter Sky3:18

The Blow Monkeys ‎– Springtime For The World E.P. (12″)

The Blows had got quite dancey towards the late 80’s and early 90’s but this, the title track from their 5th and last album (Before the reform in 2007) has a good mix of tracks.

The main track is a retro 60’s blast, uplifting and catchy with plenty of strings. The lyrics always having a sting in their tail.

“Every now and then they say that there’s no such thing as society, it’s an evil thing they try to make you believe, that human nature’s ruled by fear and greed” Oooch!

“The Other Side Of Love” is more like their earlier stuff, cool funk with organ and light brass.

House Beats emerge on “If You Love Somebody” with Roberts vocals eventually making an experience.

“La Passionara” gained a cult Ibiza following as it was supposed to. Appearing on the seminal Compilation “Classic Balearic Mastercuts Volume 1” and getting it’s own release. Howard providing the flamenco guitar. (I think!)

RCA ‎– PT 43624

A1Springtime For The World
A2The Other Side Of You
B1If You Love Somebody
B2La Passionara

Boom Boom Satellites ‎– Push Eject (12″)

Bands from the 90’s beginning with B?…..Oh, found one!

Big Beat as well from the Japanese duo of Boom Boom Satellites (Programming, Bass – Masayuki Nakano and Guitar, Vocals – Michiyuki Kawashima (R.I.P.). Making a bit of a Prodigy noise via NIN! With Extra Drums from Naoki Hirai.)

So the sound is an aggressive mix of guitars, synths and beats. The song is on OST for the game Gran Turismo 2 and the car porn video goes well with the track. Out of the 2 long tracks I prefer the vocoder led “Limbo” which builds up nicely with skittering drums and whooshes.

R & S Records ‎– RS 98142

APush Eject

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting (12″)

Based on a book by Peter Reich about his relationship with his dad Wilhelm Reich (psychologist and philosopher) and starring Donald Sutherland in the video.

The “Organon Mix” is nicely different, Fairlight effects on the vocals. Mixed by Brian Tench the new elements are interesting. The Video Mix is included so you can compare and contrast.

Longtime collaborator and bassist Derek (Del) Palmer mixes the other 2 tracks.

“Burning Bridge” has the layered percussion (think Gabriel) and piano with some fretless bass. Vocals are mad for the sheer sake of it.

“My Lagan Love” is just her voice, a traditional Irish folk song with new lyrics written by her brother John Carder Bush.

EMI ‎– 12KB2

ACloudbusting (The Organon Re-mix)
B1Burning Bridge
B2My Lagan Love

Big Country ‎– Where The Rose Is Sown (12″)

1984 and the return of Big Country and a second album, “Steel Town”. This was 2nd single, released 16th November.

Lillywhite deconstructs the 12″ and comes up with something unique. Building it up and jacking the bass up. This was when the guitars did start sounding like bagpipes.

A bit over loud on the jaunty “Belief In The Small Man” (maybe leave Fred a polite comment below and he might re-record it) Majestic sounding.

“Bass Dance” is a hypnotic instrumental and showing the bands experimental side. Lush.


Mercury ‎– MERX 185

AWhere The Rose Is Sown (Extended Remix)
B1Where The Rose Is Sown (7″ Version)
B2Bass Dance
B3Belief In The Small Man

Big Audio Dynamite ‎– The Bottom Line (US 12″)

More guitars on this track from the same year , 1985. Produced by Eric ‘E.T.’ Thorngren with a nod to “White Lines”

Altogether now….”The Horses Are On The Track!”

The flipside is a hybrid Hip Hop track. “BAD” has a lead rap from Don Letts with witty, relevant lyrics all written by the great man himself.

Columbia ‎– 44 05324

AThe Bottom Line7:20