ABC & Martin Fry – Collaborations, Later Stuff And Remixes

Most of this stuff was from the 90’s and 2000’s so I can shove it here on a Wednesday. BTW I’m really busy guys hence the lack of posts!

So what’s in the folder ?

Regards the remixes we have a couple of Hot Tracks remixes, “When Smokey Sings” from 1987 by Steve Bourasa – who gives it a more of a House feel with a different bass sounds and a nice breakdown and actual samples from the name checked soul stars, better than the regular 12″ “Be Near Me” is even more epic, mixing in the “A to Z” track from the “How To Be a Zillionare” album, very inventive – “What Did You Say Eden ?”

Razormaid provide a mix for “How To Be A Millionaire”, short but different enough. “The Real Thing” shows their growing love for House and mixed by Bruce Forrest – not the best quality mind.

Collaborations are next. The next track featured on the ’89 album from Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples ‎called “Merge”. Synthpop with a freestyle beats.

From the 2001 album “Re-Members Only” King Britt gets the Fry vocal performance spot on this electo funk track. Robbie Rivera samples “Be Near Me” on his 2008 track “Be Near” from the album “Back To Zero”, looped and repeated to death on a Tech House stomper. mmmmm.

2006 saw the release of the deliberately retro (but with a twist) from Sonic Hub (Ricky Wilde – Kim’s brother and Sean Vincent) Highlight of the collection and was actually written by Gary Numan and Martin Fry!

The final collaboration is with Bond theme master David Arnold and was off the album “Shaken Not Stirred” a good croon to “Thunderball”



  1. ABC – When Smokey Sings (Hot Tracks Mix) (7.05)
  2. ABC – Be Near Me (Hot Tracks Mix) (9.08)
  3. ABC – How To Be A Millionaire (Razormaid Mix) (5.39)
  4. ABC – The Real Thing (DMC Mix) (7.48)
  5. Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples Feat. Martin Fry ‎– Mystical Girl (5.13)
  6. King Britt Presents Sylk 130 (feat. Martin Fry) – One And Only (3.40)
  7. Robbie Rivera – Be Near (Club Mix) (7.43)
  8. Sonic Hub Featuring Martin Fry – New Man (Audio Hacker Mix) (4.45)
  9. David Arnold Featuring Martin Fry – Thunderball (4.15)

Three bonuses include the 10″ version of “Skyscrapping” from May 1997. A collaboration with Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes (who was with Gregory in Honeyroot and was part of the ABC setup)

“Skyscrapping” , is quite a gentle, pastoral ballad. Hippy stuff. “Light Years” is loads better, space sounds and lots of Bowie influence – I think this is a remix. An involving track with a nicely retro sound.

“Skydudding” is a special remix of the main track, plenty of beats and DUB!

Deconstruction ‎– 74321 48525 1

A1Skyscraping (Alternate Version)
A2Light Years
B2Stranger Things (Live Version)

The same trio worked on the “Stranger Things” CD release. More of a band sound on this but with elements of psychedelic synth.

“All We Need” does a gentle, synth tinged ballad…a lost gem for ABC fans. “The World Spins On” is more of an acoustic strum and an essence of late Duran Duran.

Nicely finished with the much gentler acoustic mix.

Blatant ‎– 74321 45363 2

1Stranger Things4:07
2The World Spins On3:43
3All We Need4:32
4Stranger Things (Acoustic)5:06

So they did do a Christmas track back in 2016. A cynical go at a Christmas number 1 ??? Cheesy but not too cheesy it ticks all the xmas boxes, Buble and the bubbly ??

The rest are acoustic versions of well known tracks. Stripped down to piano and acoustic guitar, I can forgive the sickly main track. Too much figgy pud.

Virgin EMI Records ‎

1A Christmas We Deserve4:46
2The Love Inside The Love (Acoustic)4:00
3Viva Love (Acoustic)3:53
4The Look Of Love (Acoustic)3:29

6 thoughts on “ABC & Martin Fry – Collaborations, Later Stuff And Remixes”

  1. I have most of these tracks in my ABC collector’s neurosis. None of the remix service stuff, but most everything else. I have to say that “New Man’ was definitely the most played download I ever bought! I’m not really a DL guy, but that track was brilliant [Ricky Wilde is a bit of a genius…Sonic Hub was his attempt at an Apollo 440 sort of thing] and the interpolation of Numan’s “Cars” hook was the kind of mashup I can say “yes, more please!” to! Best of all was Fry’s singing on the track – epic!

    I have to disagree with your assessment of “Skyscraping.” It’s my favorite ABC single even after over 20 years. I don’t think of hippies when I hear it. I hear the best song that Smokey Robinson never got to sing. All of the “Skyscraping” album was riveting for me, so I got all of the singles. It’s my favorite ABC album as well.

    But you are right on to dismiss the cheez-injected xmas groaner of “A Christmas We Deserve.” The worst ABC single ever? At least the acoustic versions with just Fry, acoustic guitar, piano and an unnamed backing vocalist [who’s excellent!] made it worth the time.

  2. Ha. Thanks for including my remix of “New Man”. Glad to see it show up here. It was really fun doing a remix for Sonic Hub and have it show up on the soundtrack, played during the credits, and used in the trailer for the movie. 🙂

  3. If you look online for a Groovefunkle you will find someone who has made some fantastic mixes, including the definitive take on When Smokey Songs.
    Also has some good Tears for Fears, XTC, etc when you land at his site.

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