Debuting with a Bang! Abba and some weird and wonderful mixes and different versions.

Hot Tracks and unofficial mixes feature in this little collection of 13 tracks cobbled together by Fred and quality controlled by me.

Kicking off with a Hot Tracks mix of “Does Your Mother Know”, edited and extended. Love that chuggy bass.

Another Hot Tracks remix is the “The Visitors”, psychedelic and proggy it has excellent production for ’82. Plenty of Beatles influence on this and an Abba track to play for the non-fans of the band.

Ben Liebrand helps out the Disconet DJ Subscription service with a very early 90’s sound, very hard to trace when it was but it’s a good ‘un

“Gimme Gimme Gimme” get the Hot Tracks Remix treatment from 1987, bringing out the funk and orchestra but keeping it authentic with some edits.

The first dud track is the weirdly arranged “Take A Chance On Me” with out of tempo claves and a monkey squeal – was it the wind up monkey on backing percussion ?!. It does burst into life but it just doesn’t work.

From the “Super Trouper” album “On & On & On” gets a remix, very Abba Disco and not the best lyrics but fun!

“The Visitors” return with a 2013 mix – not a bad update, synthpop with some good dub effects.

Another contemporary mix of “S.O.S.” by an unknown remixer. Who did like that piano intro and the arpeggiated keyboard sound. Works really well.

The classic “The Name Of The Game” keeps the authentic feel, extended singalong territory. Again not a clue who was behind the mix.

Philippe Dupont-Mouchet’s mix is the loudest track on this and over edited,some interesting parts though especially that violin that I’d not heard before!

A classic rare mix can be heard on the very different “Summer Night City” classic Abba – once again. What great arrangers Björn and Benny were. This is followed by another rare version from the time (1979) and the more disco-ey with those tight harmonies.

Finally my favourite track by them and a rare remix, sounding like Blancmange with Agnetha lead vocals on it. Remixer unknown.

Shame some are only 128 kbs quality but a nice little compilation to put on.

So I’ve just compiled this and Fred has kindly sent me some improved Rips – how thoughtful ! So bonus track is “Does Your Mother Know (MBL Dance Mix)” weird mix but

  1. Does Your Mother Know – (Hot Tracks Remix) (5.01)
  2. The Visitors – (Hot Tracks Remix) (8.31)
  3. Lay All Your Love On Me – (Disconet Remix) (6.27)
  4. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight) – (Hot Tracks Remix )(7.23)
  5. Take A Chance On Me (Magic Mix) (7.37)
  6. On & On & On ( 25th Anniversary Mix) (7.07)
  7. The Visitors (B-Pop Numb & Frozen Dance Remix) (6.11)
  8. S.O.S. (Flare Gun Mix) (6.51)
  9. The Name Of The Game (Impossible Case Mix) (6.32)
  10. Lay All Your Love On Me (Philippe’pHd’Dupont 2003 extended remix) (8.17)
  11. Summer Night City (25th Anniversary Mix) (7.10)
  12. Voulez -Vous (1979 US Promo Edit) (6.11)
  13. The Day Before You Came (Destiny Mix) (8.46)
  14. Does Your Mother Know (MBL Dance Mix) (5.53)

9 thoughts on “ABBA – Assorted REMIXES AND RARITIES”

  1. You’re welcome. I started out with going through my harddrive.
    Apparently not everything i downloaded (or stole, as Ed put it) is up to par soundwise. I promise that in the future there should be no complaints about the quality 🙂 Ripping vinyl as we speak…..

      1. Summernight City is what I’m really interested in. Happy to take your opinion as to if it’s worth it. If it’s a shit mix then don’t trouble yourself, sir.

  2. my review: starts with 25 seconds spoken word by Benny. Different (acoustic-like) intro and then the song. No extra instrumental passages/dubs/solo’s/raps 🙂 it feels like listening to the same song twice…..
    Ah, this is the intro: ”only released on the ‘Thank You for the Music’ boxset retrospective in the mid 90s ”

    1. Thanks Fred, I’ll pass in that case…it doesn’t sound as if it’s worth a special re-up. Much appreciated nonetheless 👍

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