Fatal Charm ‎– Images Of Fire (12″)

1987 and the first release on their new record label, Native Records (from Sheffield, so keeping it local.)

Quite a chilled Ibiza vibe with some Spanish guitar and rattling drums and then it lifts off.

Backed by the short and punky, “I’m Sure Not In Tune With It” and the dramatic “Sound Of The Waves” with it gentle synth horns. Not the original B-side but hey!



Native Records ‎– 12NTV 8 1

A Images Of Fire (Extended Version) 6:28
B1 I’m Sure Not In Tune With It 2:04
B2 Sound Of Waves 4:12

4 thoughts on “Fatal Charm ‎– Images Of Fire (12″)”

  1. Thank you for this. By far the best recording I have heard of “Images Of Fire” – I’ve got the vinyl 12″ somewhere but no decent digital copy. Lifts off indeed! The last 1:15 has so many overdubs it sounds like it just barely made it onto the master…

  2. Good grief the last quarter of this song just rocks. Top ten favorite of mine and often my very favorite (depending on my mood).

  3. The B-side songs are great too…. Sound of the Waves rocks and the quirky Not in Tune song has it’s charm too.

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