The Flying Lizards ‎– Dizzy Miss Lizzie (12″)

The duo of Dave Cunningham and the received pronunciation of Sally Peterson (the original female voice was Deborah Evans-Stickland) and the typical weird arrangement and production. From their album “Top Ten” (wishful thinking)

Post Modern Rock N Roll.

Another Cover version with Bar Piano from Julian Marshall (more from his previous Marshall Hain later this week!)

“Dizzy” is a the instrumental without the piano but plenty of manipulated drums. Quite simple but effective.

Now for the weirdest track of the week, “Gyrostatics” is a sample and loop heaven, pioneering sounds for the time, predating 90’s Glitch music, almost Process music as it winds at ten and a half minute, very interesting – reminded me of Andrew Poppy in places and Colourbox in others.

Statik Records ‎– TAK 25/12 SAM_1441

A1 Dizzy Miss Lizzie 2:03
A2 Dizzy 3:28
B Gyrostatics 10:44


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