The Beat – Tears Of A Clown / Hands Off…She’s Mine / Twist & Crawl (US Promo 12″)

A Triple A-side ? Well for Promotion purposes anyway. Released in 1980.

Their best known track is this Smokey Robinson, I believe this is slightly different to the Album version – any fans help ?

Love it at the School Disco then and still love it now.

On Sire records it was released the same time as “Hands Off..” in the UK. This track is slightly remixed, more reverb and dub. Can’t wait to play this to a crowd whenever that would be!

The B-side “Twist And Crawl” is here with a 5 minute remix, going all dubby halfway through. The bass guitar is almost synth like, exciting.


Sire ‎– PRO-A-874


A1 Tears Of A Clown 2:40
B1 Hands Off…She’s Mine (Remix) 4:34
B2 Twist & Crawl (Remix) 4:58

15 thoughts on “The Beat – Tears Of A Clown / Hands Off…She’s Mine / Twist & Crawl (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Tears Of A Clown is essentially the same. It might have been EQ’d a little different and the fade out seems slightly different, but it’s superficial. The other two are DEFINITELY different and necessary for fans.

  2. All of these seem to be heavily compressed which isn’t unexpected for single releases. They all seem to be extremely narrowed stereo, especially “Tears” which sounds mono.

    I honestly think it may be your cartridge that’s responsible for some of these sound issues

      1. No, I already had them and at better quality. You specifically asked about the sound. Learn to take constructive criticism. And fix your cartridge while you’re at it.

      2. Shove your snooty audiophile comments up your arse. I’ve been doing this long enough to have criticism and I deal with it. You obviously downloaded them to compare. These were done by Mike B who would probably say the same thing to you. So no soapboxing please and do something useful like doing your own blog with immaculately recorded vinyl as I’m sure you are capable of.

    1. Ok, so it sounds like shit which is understandable for some people like you! (Some others have responded in this similar way, some worse)
      Now back in 2015 when I first started to contribute to Mr.Djjedredy.

      My rips were bad and I really wasn’t paying attention to them (proof listening) then a couple years later I started paying attention and not using adjustments like sound removal (crackler, hisser, and denoiser).

      Now (recent rips) I just use light bass, treble and a loudness adjustments (Also a lower volume to get a better quality result- someone told me on here). As for not being under a microscope my rips sound better and more acceptable (To me).

      As for the equipment (Technics 1200 with Dj tip (snap/slide on) ortofon needles). Picture Here (Others welcome to View – 1 Pic) –

      So what would would be your feedback or advice on a constructive response??

      1. I’m still wondering why those stereo pictures are so folded in to the point they are almost mono.

        And why they sound distorted if you use “a lower volume”.

        I mean, if you’ve never heard these versions before they’re okay. If you have the CDs with full fidelity and stereo separation these vinyl rips sound like garbage.

        I don’t know. Maybe that cheapo stylus is the problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      2. No. Idea🤔 What other needle would you suggest?? Ortofon is garbage then. Also should I adjust the stereo effect a little??
        I did notice the mixes sounded better than the A side.
        I do what I do. Is it loud enough for you or too loud. Trying to get a better understanding!!
        Thanks for the feedback 😃👍

      3. I’ll let you guys battle it out. I’ve said my piece and apologise if I was a little abrupt and rude. These blogs don’t write themselves and the clues in the name, “vinyl” in all its frailities and we present it to you free of charge in the best way we can.

  3. I didn’t say the stylus was “garbage”, Mike, I said it was “cheapo”, which you know is accurate. Maybe try a 30.

    And you’re absolutely correct, DJ, the word “vinyl” is right there in the name of the blog.

  4. This Twist & Crawl remix sounds interesting, I’ve been blastin my cassette of Just Cant Stop again recently [Yep, im a vinyl AND tape man aagghhhhh] and the whole LP is great but T&C is my fave.

    LOVE to get a re-up when it’s handy fella.


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