Eurythmics ‎– Ultra Rare Trax (CD)

From 1994  and another unofficial release this time a collection from DJ Remix Services like Art Of Mix, Rhythm Stick, Razormaid, Prime Cuts, Hot Tracks & Disconet. Some I think may have appeared on here already.

“Love Is A Stranger” gets an early 90’s re-touch, reminds me of the official “Obsession Mix” that was out at this time.

I like “Here Comes The Rain Again” with the breakbeat works well underpinning the original song.

Razormaid remix “Beethoven” giving it a shimmering to one of the duos quirkiest singles. “Sexcrime” is just a re-edit and still sounds similar to the official release.

Rare track and a rare mix, “Grown Up Girls” was the “B” side from “There must be an angel (playing with my heart)” given an Italo Disco feel, very synthy.

“Take Your Pain Away” from 1986’s “Revenge” is the “band” sounding track of the whole compilation given an extended mix by Disconet, becomes a little repetitive.

The Capi Mix blends in “For The Love Of Big Brother”, “Love Is A Stranger” and “Sweet Dreams” not to great effect and even adds a bit of I Start Counting and some random House and other tracks including “Jennifer,” “Sexcrime”. The least effective mix on the CD, very D.I.Y.

“Love Is A Stranger” remixed by Hot Tracks is the least messed around with in a good way. It still sounds like the original with some extended parts.

Ultra Records  ‎– DA 001 Front Cover

1 Love Is A Stranger (Art Of Mix) 6:30
2 Sweet Dreams (Rhythm Stick) 6:38
3 Here Comes The Rain Again (Art Of Mix) 7:18
4 Beethoven (Razormaid) 7:25
5 Sex Crime (Prime Cut) 6:36
6 Grown Up Girls (Hot Tracks) 6:29
7 Take You Pain Away (Disconet) 5:19
8 Cabi Mix (Art Of Mix) 13:31
9 Love Is A Stranger (Hot Tracks) 5:24

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