Depeche Mode ‎– Promotional ( 2 x CD)


An unofficial release of official stuff that most Mode fans would be aware of. I remember seeing this about the same time as “Songs Of..” was released in the CD section of Vinyl Exchange in Manchester, but never picked it up. On first glance it does look a similar cover but contains a large mix of goodies even dating back to the first album.

As I see it it’s a collection of single edits, radio / video versions and alternative versions of their output up to the mid 90’s. An alternative “Best Of”

“Behind The Wheel” has 2 versions (3 if you count Route 66 mash together) I forgot it was remixed by Daniel Miller! “Policy…” has the compact edit and”Strangelove” has an edit of the longer Blind Mix. I like the One Canal Mix of “Question Of Lust” – a personal favourite made even better. “Everything Counts” seems like a video edit – again I prefer this to the original single. “I Feel You” has a different edit but you can’t  really tell.

Enjoyed the “Walking….” album edit and single edit (?), straight to the heart of the song and much better than that guitar / grunge single release, yuk!

Then we weirdly go to Alan Wilder’s side project, Recoil and “Faith Healer (Radio Edit)” sang with gusto by Douglas McCarthy, a decent cover and certainly nowt to do with DM.

The “Ricki Tik Tik Mix” of “Enjoy The Silence” originally made an appearance on the “Quad Mix” and is more of a Dub version. The highlight is the dramatic Japanese Edit of “I Want You Now” – perfect.

“Never Let Me…” seems very much like the UK “Split” version. The most interesting of the tracks is “Personal Jesus (Who Is)”starting the with the ending of “Everything Counts” – seems like the version they do live. Lots of overdubs and very different.

Gore’s studio outake of “Route 66” goes into the Single version of “Master & Servant”- very strange. !985’s “Shake The Disease” appears in the Fade version with its wobbly start. A weak track is the “It’s Called A Heart (Emotion Dub)” – I forgot that this was remixed by Joseph Watt but it drags! A track that was a UK b-side but got more airplay in the States was “But Not Tonight”here in a Radio friendly edit. my favourite B-side by them. “Dressed In Black” originally appeared as a free track in Record Mirror (Feb 8th 1986 issue), never heard it before and really like the rawness of it. 

“Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit)” remixed by Daniel Miller is proto House, a semi-instrumental and great on headphones. Love the Healed Mix of “Faith Healer” more IDM Trance track withthe beats and some string pads – just repeated vocals.

Going right back to the start with “Boys Say Go” from a ’81 Radio session. Lovely squelchy analogue synths + a whistle! Francois Kevorkian dubs “Enjoy The Silence” in a rare dub, adding some Kraftwerk-isms into a true Space Dub. Never heard this before!

Interesting is the demo versions of  ” Master & Servant” – an instrumental with plenty of sequencers. Rough and ready!

“Shake The Disease” is a different version, some of the sounds survived but lots of edits and with different lyrics, destined for the “Black Celebration” album. but didn’t make it. The joys of the Yamaha DX 7 are all over this however it is not the actual Gore demo.

This rawness can be heard on the closing track a cover of the Sparks track, which later got a polished version on his solo “Counterfeit EP”. This was from the ’87 Flexi Disc available to Fan Club members. Fragile and beautiful.

Disc 1 (and Album Art)

Disc 2

Not On Label (Depeche Mode) ‎– ALBC-149Front

Disc One (DM Music Rarities Vol. 1)
1-1 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel (US DJ-Mix) 3:58
1-2 Depeche Mode Behind The Wheel (Radio Edit) 3:57
1-3 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Video Edit) 4:39
1-4 Depeche Mode Policy Of Truth (UK Radio Edit) 4:08
1-5 Depeche Mode Strangelove (Blind Edit) 4:00
1-6 Depeche Mode A Question Of Lust (One Canal Mix) 3:48
1-7 Depeche Mode Everything Counts (Live Edit) 4:52
1-8 Depeche Mode I Feel You (Intro Edit) 4:28
1-9a Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes (Album Edit) 4:26
1-9b Depeche Mode Walking In My Shoes (Single Edit) 4:25
1-10 Depeche Mode Route 66 / Behind The Wheel (Mega Single Mix II) 4:24
1-11 Recoil Faith Healer (Radio Edit) 4:54
1-12 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Ricki Tik Tik Mix Promo) 5:58
1-13 Depeche Mode I Want You Now (Japanese 3″ Version) 3:29
Disc Two (DM Music Rarities Vol. 2)
2-1 Depeche Mode Never Let Me Down Again (Japanese Video Edit) 8:13
2-2 Depeche Mode Personal Jesus (Who Is) 6:31
2-3a Martin L. Gore Route 66 (Accustic Version By Martin L. Gore) 3:55
2-3b Depeche Mode Master & Servant (Single Edit)
2-4 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease (Fade Mix) 3:59
2-5 Depeche Mode It’s Called A Heart (Emotion Dub) 5:33
2-6 Depeche Mode But Not Tonight (US Single Version) 4:28
2-7 Depeche Mode Dressed In Black (Pre-release) 2:35
2-8 Depeche Mode Dangerous (Hazchemix Edit) 3:06
2-9 Recoil Faith Healer (Healed Mix) 3:50
2-10 Depeche Mode Boys Say Go (Session Version For BBC Radio 1 On 81/06/21) 2:53
2-11 Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Second Ecstatic Dub) 5:47
2-12 Depeche Mode Master & Servant (Demo) 3:51
2-13 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease (Demo) 6:16
2-14 Martin L. Gore Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (Flexi Version) 2:50



5 thoughts on “Depeche Mode ‎– Promotional ( 2 x CD)”

  1. Thank u so much for this Special One and thx a lot for all the great Stuff you share with us. In all this Vinyls and CDs are so many memories.

  2. Wowwwww – I’m a massive Mode fan but never really been one to keep up with the promos – this one is a treat! Much obliged!

  3. I ‘member how I painstakingly collected these one-by-one as mp3-s off directconnect, and each file could easily take over a a day to dl, trickling at a few bytes per sec. But the laptop kids these days make much more fascinating remixes. Sorry, I am not trying to troll, just telling as it is.

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