The Fatal Charm ‎– Paris E.P. (7″)


Obscure Band Of The Month (and probably of the year so far!) Thanks follower Lo for providing this ! Here is his comments;

“Poked around for a few hours and never could figure out how to email ya (wanted to share a song or two). Guess ya get spammed too much to make that info public. Anyhoo here is the debut single from “the Fatal Charm” (they dropped the “the” soon after). I really really really loved the female vocalist later in the 80’s but they started more punk. Some of their later extended versions ranked in my top 10 songs later on. Love your blog of course, check it every couple days. You and Mike rock.”

Soooo….Nottingham trio The Fatal Charm and their debut single on the indie label, Company Records (a Lincoln label run by Chris Hall who did early releases from The Comsat Angels, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental. Self produced  and promoted ,even up to the sleeve design this was the late 70’s UK indie scene at its finest. No internet to promote just word of mouth, reviews and local record shops.

Before vocalist / front woman Sarah Simmonds was part of the band this was the early line-up of Bass – Kev Davies, Drums – Kev Gallagher, Guitar, Vocals – Paul Arnall  (who later was in State Of Grace with Sarah in the 90’s) and guest Keyboards – Dave Barker.

“Paris” has some lead synth on a anthem about getting away! Very apt! Catchy chorus and different from what was around at the time.

“Glitterbit” is short punchy Post Punk, staccato guitar and jumping chords. “Out Of My Head” is a quick Punk track, with some keyboards to make it stand out. The only quibble is that the production is a bit thin, it was 1979 though!

Here is the promo with Sarah on lead, yes, I know where your coming from Lo !

Company Records ‎– CR005 Fatal Charm Paris Image

A Paris
B1 Glitterbit
B2 Out Of My Head

3 thoughts on “The Fatal Charm ‎– Paris E.P. (7″)”

  1. Thanks DJ Jed… I love your presentation… thanks. I have loved this group only recently and their songs Summer Spies (extended) and Images of Fire (extended) have eluded me. Images of Fire (extended) at most times seems to be my favorite song from the 80s. Chill yet driven and the way it crescendos like the end of a fireworks show and it holds the great guitar jam until if finally fades out. Wish I had your way with words. This group has a good dozen songs I just love. One of those scratch you head groups that make you wonder why they were not bigger than they were. Thanks for sharing sir.

    One last parting song… Fatal Charm – You Know (You will Never Believe)

  2. Thanks for this! My brother had a 7″ single of theirs – “Lucille” – which I loved & have on a battered old mix cassette but haven’t been able to track down since. There are 7″ & 12″ versions available online, but they’re re-recorded versions. Still good, but not as good as the “original version”, in my opinion! Cheers, Khayem

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