Captain Sensible ‎– Revolution Now (12″)

Quite apt after Cummings gets let off.

From the album of the same name that came out 2 years after! This track emerged in June 1987 with more than a nod to Teardrop Explodes and a feel of Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Produced by The Flowerpot Men (Adam Peters and Ben Watkins) and remixed by Phil Bodger it features Jackie Challenor, Lorenza Johnson and Mae McKenna, The Soultanas on backing. His label (A&M) dropped him soon after.

A bit of a rock opera on the B-side. Weighing in at over 15 minutes it features his son and wife on backing vocals as well as Damned member Henry Badowski. A montage of different songs and musical styles.

From Wiki

“co-written with former bandmate Henry Badowski during a visit to Sensible’s home in December 1986. Badowski: “He was in the process of putting together a mini rock opera and I was given a bottle of whiskey and a pen and paper and was ordered to write the words to a bunch of tunes he’d written.”


A&M Records ‎– AMY 395 SAM_9561

A Revolution Now (Extended Version) 5:40
B The Coward Of Treason Cove 15:22

2 thoughts on “Captain Sensible ‎– Revolution Now (12″)”

  1. Love Captain Sensible. A much underrated artist. He’s never taken himself too seriously but he’s crafted some seriously good pop over the years.

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