OMD – Never Turn Away (12″)

The final single from “Junk Culture” and a very slow, melancholic ballad from the band, Brian Tench extends this powerful track from October ’84. Paul Humphries takes lead vocals and an additional verse features.

The flipside has the live version of Velvet Underground’s “Waiting For The Man”, recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon with the lively horn section (Graham and Neil Weir), bouncing bass and powerful drumming of Malcolm Holmes.

“Wrapup” is a stripped down version of album track “All Wrapped Up” with sequencer and great vocals from Humphries and McClusky

Both mixed by the bands manager Gordian P. Troeller (as Gridiron)

Now to find the 7″ Picture disc version.

Virgin ‎– VS 727-12 SAM_0232

A Never Turn Away (Extended Version) 6:31
B1 Wrappup 4:00
B2 Waiting For The Man (Live) 3:31

4 thoughts on “OMD – Never Turn Away (12″)”

  1. I was already collecting OMD records when I saw a Rolling Stone teen syndicated newspaper story in early 1981 on the band that cited them as sounding like “the Beach Boys In Outer Space.” I didn’t get that at the time, but this single actually fulfilled that promise in spades. Such a gorgeous melancholy that the band were experts at putting across. Maybe it was expecting too much for a fourth hit single off of “Junk Culture,” [this was the one that didn’t trouble the top 30 any] but this one was my favorite of the four. With the wistful Humphreys quality that he had brought to “Souvenir” here in spades. As I recall, I bought this immediately on import 12″ and loved the extra verse [an occasional OMD 12″ treat as on the previous Humphreys-sung “Souvenir”] and even bigger atmosphere the 12″ afforded. The demo version of “All Wrapped Up” is now vastly preferable to my aged ears and the jovial calypso arrangement on the album version now grates. On the other hand, the horns added new verve to the never previously convincing Velvet Underground cover that I appreciated.

  2. Very cool! I had never seen the video and am super pleased to admit I had the same jacket as Paul! Ha! Great song, HUGE thank you!

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