XTC -King For A Day (US Promo 12″)

From 1989, when musical technology made it easy to knock out a tune this sounds completely different from the XTC of the 70’s. Desperation or vogue ? Ivan Ivan did the the heavily electronic “Czar Mix.” The “Versailles Mix” mix is the most bearable of the mixes, love the lyrics but hate the sterile arrangement! (except the piano)

B-sides were all produced by Steve Nye. The track “Toys” is a like old XTC, quirky pop about revengeful toys, going back to “Murmur” era.  Another outtake is this jaunty number “Desert Island”, classic !



Geffen Records ‎– PRO-A-3522


A1 King For A Day (Czar Mix) 6:30
A2 King For A Day (I Dub Thee Sir Mix) 6:10
B1 King For A Day (Versailles Mix) 5:07
B2 Toys 4:18
B3 Desert Island 4:47

2 thoughts on “XTC -King For A Day (US Promo 12″)”

  1. When XTC released their Deluxe Edition of Oranges & Lemons last year, a reviewer said this song was XTC’s attempt to make an “Everybody Rules the World”-like hit. And now, I can’t unhear the Tears For Fears guitar riff in this XTC song. Dammit!

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