Sunday Silly Song – 98 – Groove Armada ‎– I See You Baby (Mixes From Fatboy Slim & Futureshock) (US 12″)

An early Groove Armada from 1999, yes that long ago! Featuring the vocals of Gram’ma Funk (veteran Diva Toi Sojer-Sacchi)

A case where the weakest track is the LP version. Smooth funk on the full version with plenty of groove.

Fatboy Slim nearly turns it into his own and makes an advertising exec’s wet dream. Big Beat drums.

Now Futureshock’s (Alex Tepper and Phil Dockerty) mix is more driving House beats. Club proven no doubt!

The reason it’s a Sunday Silly Song is that it mentions bottom shaking and has a titillating video !

Jive Electro ‎– 01241-42646-1


A1 I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Mix) 5:43
A2 I See You Baby (Full Vocal Version) 4:51
B1 I See You Baby (Futureshock’s Main Shake Mix) 7:06
B2 I See You Baby (LP Version) 4:41

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