Big Country ‎– East Of Eden (Extended Version) (12″)

More creative studio work from Steve Lillywhite as he gets to grips reconstructing and looping this track from August 1984. By now Big Country fans(like Madness fans in a way) were expecting a the 12″ version to be radically different and Lillywhite did deliver.

The lead single from their second album “Steeltown” the marauding bass of Tony Butler and drums of Mark Brzezicki are the backbone of the track. It is a complex arrangement given time to breath on this elongated version.

There was never any filler with Big Country. The B-sides were always great quality and this was a cover of the Roxy Music track from 1974 and it contains the lyrics where the bands name was formed, “Lonesome star shine on the big country”. They use some of the arrangement and lyrics for their track “Tall Ships Go”

Mercury ‎– MERX 175 SAM_8805

A East Of Eden (Extended Version) 6:22
B1 East Of Eden 4:24
B2 Prairie Rose 4:44

One thought on “Big Country ‎– East Of Eden (Extended Version) (12″)”

  1. I wasn’t totally thrilled with this remix when it came out and to this day it still grinds compared to most my other BC collection. I just prefer the album version, and really love the whole album. Probable “Just a Shadow” is my fave extended, and I dreamed of even extending the guitar ending on it. Dang I love the guitar work during this period of BC.

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