Various – Class X Vol 19 (CDr)

It’s the weekend and so this….

Some lovely exclusive remixes/edits of a few quite popular, early 80’s tracks. And there is a release date of 2002!

Ultravox has their originally very long and repetitive “We Came To Dance” from ’83 nicely trimmed down to six and half minutes. I much prefer this version. Love the moody piano but shame there is no Warren Cann doing a scary vocal piece.

“See Those Eyes” and Altered Images have their 1982 Hit edited around, glad it still sounds like Rushent’s production.

China Crisis have their “Working For Fire And Steel” from 1983 unspoilt, that bassline is a solid winner. “Nova Heart” from Spoons makes a bid for being in my Top Thirty 80’s tracks, having everything here, New Wave v Post Punk.

Bizarre version of the CD is an extended German version of “Shock The Monkey” (1982) from Peter Gabriel – licensing issues even on this bootleg or a way of extending it? Extended out to 7 mins and going into English halfway anyway.

“I Ran” (1982) from A Flock Of Seagulls goes straight into it, no dramatic build up. Shifts the guitar solo around but no real difference until the end part where the beginning is editing in, weird.

Slow Children up the Post Punk quota with another top mix of their Club hit “Vanessa Vacillating” (1982) – Top Mix!

“Lucky Number” (1978) is given a welcome extended edit. Again this rearrangement work with Lene Lovich’s voice not coming in to well over a minute!

Not familiar with Catholic Girls and this was the closing track from their 1982 debut album. The longest track with some lovely lead synth and the distinct vibrato of Gail Petersen.

The anthemic “Major Tom” (1982) is given a very slight edit. Peter Schilling singing in his native German throughout. Not much difference, I forgot about the ending, very FGTH / ZTT – like.

 Martha & The Muffins “Echo Beach” (1980) has a very slight edit with the vocals coming in like a vinyl jump! It still sounds straight from 1980.

So Pat Benatar closes the album with “Love Is A Battlefield” (1983) seems a bit of out of place on here. An extended closing part makes it a little interesting.

Usual Drill

Part 1 (Tracks 1-6)

Part 2 (Tracks 7-12 + Artwork)

All here;

Razormaid Records ‎– Class X CD-19 vol19

1 Ultravox We Came To Dance 6:30
2 Altered Images See Those Eyes 5:59
3 China Crisis Working With Fire & Steel 5:24
4 Spoons Nova Heart 6:07
5 Peter Gabriel Schock Den Affen 7:00
6 A Flock Of Seagulls I Ran 5:47
7 Slow Children Vanessa Vacillating 5:28
8 Lene Lovich Lucky Number 5:58
9 Catholic Girls God Made You For Me 8:17
10 Peter Schilling Major Tom 7:02
11 Martha & The Muffins Echo Beach 5:27
12 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield 7:28


3 thoughts on “Various – Class X Vol 19 (CDr)”

  1. I have a lot of Razormaid albums and discs, but I’ve never heard of this one. So many bands I collect, too! “Nova Heart” is an all time favorite track from the best Canadian band ever! Sorry, Martha!

  2. I would be here for the Peter Gabriel track too, hadn’t I found some years ago, that I do *not* actually enjoy over a half of everything on I-IV, including especially Schock Den Affen. But heck I’ll sure checkout what Razormaid did to Love Is A Battlefield.

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