Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire And Other Passions (US 12″)

Something I have and treasure, yes I own a US 12″ !! From 1982 and bit of a mini album for the US market on the tiny PVC Records.

“Flaming Desire” in its long form goes off into an E-bow guitar jam. Love that 808 drum machine with the vibra-slap

“Flesh” seems like it was recorded around his Big Noise ’79 era. Post Punk with Ian Nelson on saxophone and a killer riff.

“The Passion” reveals a bit more guitar on this instrumental, a grandiose almost Western-Film soundtrack. With Count Wiczling on drums and a Love That Whirls bass line.

The “Burning Question” has marimba and 808 and sounds a bit like Japan.

The album track “He And Sleep were Brothers” stars Mark Radcliffe’s drumming (not sure if it’s the radio DJ but it would be fun to think of it) as the main feature along with backward loops and Ian’s saxophone. An hypnotic dreamscape.

“Haunting In My Head” seems a bit of a long lost cousin of “October Man” which seemed to be leftover from the LP “Quit Dreaming and Get On The Beam” – good bass from Nelson too.

And offered in FLAC for the Bill Nelson obsessives (Like GQ)–_FLAC.rar/file

PVC Records ‎– PVC 5901 SAM_0566

A1 Flaming Desire (Long Version) 6:22
A2 Flesh 3:28
B1 The Passion 3:08
B2 The Burning Question 7:11
B3 He And Sleep Were Brothers 4:41
B4 Haunting In My Head 4:27

3 thoughts on “Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire And Other Passions (US 12″)”

  1. I stumbled upon Bill because some Big Country fan was talking up the Ebow abilities of Nelson. I didn’t care for the first few songs I heard, but later on some came to my attention that I absolutely loved. This is one of the few I really liked… thanks for sharing this.

  2. Ironically, as an American, I never bought this because I already had the import singles that PVC thoughtfully cobbled together to make this delight. At the time, PVC also licensed the “Love That Whirls” album as well as including the second instrumental album, “La Belle Et La Bete (Beauty And The Beast)” that also came with the UK edition. This was imperial period Nelson at the top of his form and we thought naively, that it was a lot of music then! I especially loved the Duran Duran goes Morricone vibe of “The Passion.”

  3. Thank you for another wonderful Bill Nelson post and ditto The The Uncertain Smile, could you possible post The Passage XYXO single ?

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