The Communards ‎– You Are My World ’87 (12″)

The curse of buying vinyl is the condition. This one is fair to middling.

A re-rub of their first single from 1985 and done by the original producer Mike Thorne. It’s Show-Tune synth with that hint of Gospel, Classical and Richard Coles showing off his piano skills. With the intro from Vet TV Series “All Creatures Great And Small!” Like a lot of their extended versions it does tend to drag on.

B-sides include the political Gospel of that starts off like a jazz piece, “Judgement Day” and a live, classical piece “Czardas” recorded in Oxford.

London Records ‎– LONX 123 youfrontcov

A You Are My World (’87) 7:57
B1 Judgement Day 5:14
B2 Czardas (Live) 3:46

2 thoughts on “The Communards ‎– You Are My World ’87 (12″)”

  1. Ah, but if you’re me, used vinyl of tracks that don’t exist digitally is my focus. And ALL OF IT is 30-40 years old. Comes with the territory. If the noise is of the clicks and pops variety, then Click Repair software works wonders and will be the best US $40 you could ever spend to enjoy music to its fullest potential. it’s at and I SWEAR BY IT. It can remove all of the clicks and pops without affecting the rest of the music once you get the hang of it. And it’s EASY to get the hang of it. The default “50” setting is a great place to start. And did I mention that it removes thousands of clicks in SECONDS? Endorsement over.

  2. I used to spend hours per track removing the pops by hand and did a good job, but because of the time involved, only got the worst offenders. Maybe a few hundred at most per song. Like I said, this removes thousands per second.

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