D•Mob Featuring L•R•S• & D•C•Sarome ‎– It Is Time To Get Funky (CD Single)

One from WINX and the pioneering track from ’89 from D.Mob who did “We Call It Acieed” back in 1988. A total contrast in style and he even slags off the genre! Now exploring Hip-House Danny Poku adds a rap ( by L.R.S. , London Rhyme Syndicate) and vocals (D.C. Sarome, Charlie Scarlett) to this successful crossover track. The bassline is very familiar.

Marius de Vries (Blow Monkeys) and Phil Bodger help out in the studio. The last part of the 12″ mix is great getting a bit more experimental and musical.

“Trance Dance” featuring Gary Haisman on vocals is more your old skool classic House. Mixed by Timothy Regisford (Special-T) it has a cheesy charm about it. “Love Can’t Turn Around.”




FFRR ‎– FCD 107 funky

1 D-Mob Featuring L.R.S. It Is Time To Get Funky (7″) 3:32
2 D-Mob Featuring L.R.S. It Is Time To Get Funky (12″) 7:23
3 D-Mob Featuring Gary Haisman Trance Dance (12″ Jersey Mix) 8:24

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