The Call ‎– Modern Romans (US Vinyl LP)

From 1983 and a bit of Punky New Wave (with synths) from The Call, from Santa Cruz, California.

The line-up on this album was; Guitar, Vocals – Tom Ferrier, Guitar, Vocals [Lead] – Michael Been, (the Late father of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s bass player Robert Levon Been) Bass – Greg Freeman, Drums, Percussion, Vocals – Scott Musick, Synthesizer, Cornet – Steve Huddleston and Synthesizer, Saxophone – Garth Hudson. (The Band)

Slightly political and slightly Talking Heads, with just the right amount of synths. Peter Gabriel liked the band so much that he called them the “future of American music” and asked them to open for him during his 1982/1983 “Plays Live” tour.

Highlights include “Destination” a bouncy synth and sax semi-instrumental, the Joy Division call-to-arms of “Turn A Blind Eye”, as well as the strident opening track.

Mercury ‎– 422-810 307-1 M-1 SAM_9271

A1 The Walls Came Down 3:35
A2 Turn A Blind Eye 3:48
A3 Time Of Your Life 3:27
A4 Modern Romans 3:24
A5 Back From The Front 4:02
B1 Destination 4:32
B2 Violent Times 4:28
B3 Face To Face 4:05
B4 All About You 4:20

5 thoughts on “The Call ‎– Modern Romans (US Vinyl LP)”

  1. Being a Christian, I wanted to support the genre, but as most know, not too many Jesus groups were good, but I don’t care who ya are, “The Call” rocked… and rocked some more. Thanks for sharing this great group.

  2. Noticed listed amongst the band members is Micheal Been…is this the same guy who did the soundtrack for paul shrader’s ‘Light Sleeper’…one of my all-time favourite films ?

  3. Many thanks for your reply…to those who have never seen the film or heard the soundtrack I would recommend both.

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