Danielle Dax ‎– Big Blue ’82’ (US Promo 12″)


A misleading title as it came out in 1990 and from the album “Blast The Human Flower” (which never got a UK release) . This indie guitar rocker from Miss Dax sounds a bit Darling Buds, it does have that early 80’s feel to it on the single mix, produced by Stephen Street. Many fans saw this as a sell-out. The “Zen” adds middle Eastern chants and instruments, exotic stuff from John Waddell (Nasty Rox Inc.) until the Rave sirens start!

The only House track about organised religion (maybe their is “The House Of God”) gets a remix by Joseph Watt, mid-paced and quite synth pop, reminds me of Dubstar.

The mysterious KSDO remixes “Jehovah’s Precious Stone” into a mid-tempo Rave / Industrial – lite instrumental, with lots of cut-ups.



Sire ‎– PRO-A-4736 SAM_2597

A1 Big Blue ’82’ (Single Edit) 4:17
A2 Big Blue ’82’ (Zen Extended Mix) 6:42
A3 Big Blue ’82’ (Album Version) 4:17
B1 Jehovah’s Precious Stone (Razormaid Mix) 6:18
B2 Jehovah’s Precious Stone (KSDS Mix) 4:16

Splodgenessabounds ‎– Simon Templer (E.P. 7″)

I only knew the B-side before getting this a few months ago. PUNK but released in 1980. Chaotic and raw with lots of school boy humour. “Simon Templer” speeds up the theme tune to “The Saint” adding 2 Tone Horns and space effects.

I love the credit list;

  • Bass, Other [Pessimisms] – Roger Rodent
  • Cover, Artwork [Logos] – Cream & Chappo Designs
  • Guitar [Best] – Pat (Delroy Washington) Thetic Von Dale Chiptooth
  • Guitar [Worst] – Miles Flat
  • Keyboards, Other [Jockey Gut] – Winston Forbe
  • Lead Vocals, Other [Patheticisms], Other [Farts] – Max Splodge
  • Percussion [Coconuts] – Desert Island Joe Lurche Slythe
  • Performer [Comb & Paper] – Wiffy Archer
  • Performer [Nothing] – Two Pints Pearson
  • Photography By [Cover Photos] – Andrew Douglas
  • Producer – Mike (You’d Better Come Back Tomorrow Night) Robinson
  • Vocals, Harmony Vocals [Attempted Harmonies], Other [Litchkins] – Baby Greensleeves

They don’t have line-ups like that anymore

Complete with THAT song (see video and what was at the time the Alternative British Anthem!) and a song about farting, it’s as good as Jilted John.




Deram ‎– BUM 1 templarfrontcov

A Simon Templer 2:35
B1 Michael Booth’s Talking Bum 2:28
B2 Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps Please 2:10

SOHO – Freaky (US Promo 12″)

Alternative Dance from SOHO who were not just a the duo of black female singers as they were initially marketed but an actually indie dance band that had been going since 1988. Consisting of sisters Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cuff and Pauline Cuff, with producer Timothy London. Other members of the group over the years have been Dukie D (original programmer and electro-visionary), Liam Gillick (now a well-known artist – Gillick also contributed on turntables and drums at Soho’s early gigs), Eds Chesters (now of The Bluetones), Leigh Gorman (ex Bow Wow Wow) and Barry Smith (of Add N To X).

This was the 1990 follow-up to their Hit , “Hippychick”, a bit repetitive in terms of chorus  with a hybrid of beats and guitar licks layered over each other and plenty of beeps.

Bob Rosa and François Kevorkian add some beats and synths to the mixes. The Dub mix being very trippy, bringing out the Kraftwerk “Technopop” sample with plenty of breaks.

The J.B. mix is in fact by The Jungle Brothers, a solid bass and hip hop beats (as you’d expect) shame about the vocals.

The UK mix has plenty of layered beats and a jazzy bassline.



ATCO Records ‎– DMD 1637 SAM_5838

A1 Freaky (François’ Mix) 6:07
A2 Freaky (LP Version) 5:23
A3 Freaky (François’ Dub) 6:47
B1 Freaky (J.B. Mix) 5:20
B2 Freaky (U.K. Mix) 6:22
B3 Freaky (U.K. Instrumental) 5:49

The Creatures ‎– Wild Things (2 x 7″)

Maybe rare ? The debut release from September ’81 from The Creatures (Siouxie and Budgie from The Banshee’s)

Percussion and the odd Marimba accompany her wail. Primeval and minimal, the six tracks feel like the duo just wanted to do something “out there” as an antithesis to their band. Budgie employs North African and Polynesian drum patterns layered over her vocals.

The cover of The Trogg’s “Wild Thing” is probably the weirdest thing you’ll hear all week. “Thumb” with the motorway ambience is the standout track, atmospheric with haunting lyrics.



Polydor ‎– POSPG 354 thingfrontcover

A1 Mad Eyed Screamer
A2 So Unreal
B But Not Them
C Wild Thing
D Thumb


Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 21 (Early 80’s – Still!)

Moving Pictures ‎– Days Of Innocence (Aussie Vinyl LP)

Formed in Sydney in 1979 this was released in 1981. The line-up on this album was ; Saxophone – Andrew Thompson, Vocals – Alex Smith, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Garry Frost, Keyboards, Trumpet, Backing Vocals – Charlie Cole, Drums – Paul Freeland and Bass – Ian Lees

Multi-layered Pop Rock, produced by Charles Fisher (who went on to work with Savage Garden) Keyboards/piano and saxophone feature quite highly in the arrangements. Lyrics are a bit cheesy but Alex Smith’s vocals are class!!!

This album contained the Power Ballad “What About Me” which was a massive hit in Australia and went on to be No.1 in 20 U.S. states and spent 43 consecutive weeks in the US Billboard Charts. I don’t think it reached the UK. I do like the album’s atmospheric closer, “Streetheart”



WBE Records ‎– WRLP1006


1 Nothing To Do 3:25
2 The Angel & The Madman 4:35
3 Sweet Cherie 3:37
4 Round Again 4:03
5 Wings 4:42
6 What About Me ? 3:38
7 So Tired 3:48
8 Joni And Romeo 3:27
9 Bustin’ Loose 4:19
10 StreetHeart 7:04

Skyhooks ‎– Women In Uniform (Aussie LTD 12″)

Four versions of this nicely sexist track on this re-release from November 1983. The highlight is the Steve Thompson U.S. Dance remix. (Dance ??) A great update with plenty of hand claps. Danger! Danger! High Voltage! And later covered by Iron Maiden

The B-side has a couple of tracks recorded live at Festival Hall, Melbourne. “You Just Like Me….” has loads of audience participation, a track originally from 1974 and it’s straight up Boogie Rock.



Mushroom ‎– X13131


A1 Women In Uniform (Special Extended U.S. Dance Mix) 6:09
A2 Women In Uniform (Edited U.S. Remix) 3:28
B1 Women In Uniform 4:20
B2 You Just Like Me Cause I’m Good In Bed 3:59

Mi-Sex ‎– Where Do They Go? (Aussie Vinyl LP)

I’m really enjoying their stuff, a great blend of synths and guitars. Bob Clearmountain adds some beefy production on this their 4th and last LP from 1983. But it still has its roots in Aussie Pub Rock.

A good mix of styles, some New Wave tracks, AOR tracks and powerful ballads. All with quite a big drum production sound and Steve Gilpin (R.I.P.) with some fine vocals

“Castaway (US Version)” is also on here.



CBS ‎– SBP 237954


A1 Only Thinking
A2 Where Do They Go
A3 Antipodes Army
A4 Blue Day
A5 I Lose Control
B1 Don’t Look Back In Anger
B2 5 O’Clock (In The Morning)
B3 Why Did You Leave
B4 The Stranger In You
B5 Delinquent Daddy
B6 Lady Janice

Mondo Rock ‎– Nuovo Mondo (Aussie Vinyl LP)

More slightly synthy rock with their first album on WEA from 1982. The line-up for this was ; Bass, Vocals – Paul Christie, Drums – John-James “J-J” Hackett, Guitar, Vocals – Eric McCusker, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Vocals – James Black and Vocals – Ross Wilson

The tone is playful, a little Sparks in places, Roxy Music in others and some Prog in others



WEA ‎– 600124


A1 No Time 4:03
A2 Up And Down 2:51
A3 The Queen And Me 3:21
A4 Mondomania 3:38
A5 A Touch Of Paradise 4:07
B1 Out The Window 4:05
B2 In Another Love 3:48
B3 Domination 4:25
B4 When Men And Women Come Out To Play 3:00
B5 Is It Any Wonder? 5:04


Swanee ‎– This Time It’s Different (Aussie Vinyl LP)

Not another album ? From 1982 and the very rocky / ACDC lite of David Swanson. (I really like hosting this blog as this stuff would not get past 20 seconds on my ears!!!)

This had the disco hit “Temporary Heartache” amongst the well crafted pub rock.

All very AOR and inoffensive. Very Cheesy with saxophone on every track and even a bit lounge with lots of padding. Boogie Woogie on “Hollywood Girls” and Spanish guitar on the closer; didn’t see that coming!



WEA ‎– 600121


A1 Enough To Last A Lifetime 4:13
A2 Temporary Heartache 3:58
A3 Aces High 3:36
A4 If I Were A Carpenter 3:30
A5 Hollywood Girls 4:40
B1 I Was Lonely 3:44
B2 Lady, What’s Your Name 3:41
B3 Days Gone By 4:11
B4 Fools Lament 3:35
B5 This Time It’s Different 5:35

Real Life ‎– Send Me An Angel (US 12″)

A big debut hit for this Aussie New Wave group from 1983, the original mix produced by Ross Cockle. The lead synth riff is an instant classic and there is still some guitar action. Superior to the 1989 remix.

The B-side “Like A Gun” has more guitars alongside the sequencers and is an exclusive track, Duran Duran influenced (I had to say it!)



Curb Records ‎– MCA-13977


A Send Me An Angel (Extended Mix) 5:40
B1 Send Me An Angel 3:52
B2 Like A Gun 3:14

Sharon O’Neill ‎– Foreign Affairs (US 12″)

The 1983 album from O’Neill has the right blend of synths and soft rock riffs. She adds her keyboards skills to the competent backing by US session musicians including; Bass – Bob Glaub and Scott Chambers, Drums – Drums – Mike Baird and Mike Botts, (Bread) Guitar – Brent Thomas (Noiseworks, John Farnham) and muli-instrumentalist David Lindley, with some saxophone and horns by Tom Scott (the original Blues Brother) and his L.A. Express

All produced by John Boylan (Linda Ronstadt) it is pure AOR with a nod towards Elton John. I prefer the rockier chug of “I’ve Got You To Thank” and the uptempo “Hearts On The Run” featuring Don Henley on backing vocals and a nice lead synth.



Epic ‎– BFE 38433


1 Danger
2 Maxine
3 One Of A Crowd
4 Radio Lover
5 Kids In Our Town
6 Losing You
7 I’ve Got You To Thank
8 Take The Fall
9 Hearts On The Run
10 All The Way Down

Various ‎– Storm Riders (Aussie Cassette)

Including some of the usual suspects and some new bands to my ears. this was released in 1982. Storm Riders was a 1982 film by David Lourie, Jack McCoy and Dick Hoole, featuring some of the world’s best surfers and the world’s champion windsurfers. The documentary was filmed in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Africa, Hawaii and Australia.

Like the track by The Church, the quirky Jimmy And The Boys track. Altogether a varied selection and a good intro into what was happening in Oz in the early 80’s.



EMI ‎– EMX.112


A1 Mondo Rock Summer Of 81
A2 Split Enz Hard Act To Follow
A3 Moving Pictures Bustin’ Loose
A4 The Church Life Speeds Up
A5 Models Local And/Or General
A6 Australian Crawl Unpublished Critics
B1 Little River Band Cool Change
B2 Sunnyboys Tunnel Of Love
B3 Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons Hit & Run
B4 Sharon O’Neil Asian Paradise
B5 Matt Finish Hot Cover
B6 Jimmy And The Boys I’m Not Like Everybody Else
B7 Mark Gillespie Falling

The Farm ‎– Rising Sun (12″)

From 1992 and a late single release from Liverpool’s The Farm. They seemed to have been listening to PSB and FGTH with the style of production.

The lead mix by Mark Saunders has plenty of synths and a House piano riff.

B-sides are “Creepers” and “History”. “Creepers” taking a “Thriller” type vibe, over deep sequencers and some nice solo guitar. Apparently it’s off the film ‘Demons’ and the artist and track was Claudio Simonetti-Demoni!

“History” is a more complex mix of Gregorian chant and baggy funk. A good track that didn’t appear on the album. It has plenty of helicopter sound effects and a nod to “Riders On The Storm.” It turns out that it is a different version of the track “Suzy Boo” that did appear on the album,  “Love See No Color.”



Sire ‎– 0-40532 SAM_2879

A1 Rising Sun (Forza Mix) 6:19
A2 Creepers 5:30
B1 Rising Sun (Partizan Mix) 5:59
B2 Rising Sun (Transdub Mix) 7:16
B3 History 4:36


The Beloved ‎– Your Love Takes Me Higher (US Promo Double Pack 12″)

So I’m going to try and post similar daily genres for this 80’s V 90’s competition.

First up is The Beloved from 1989 (I know!) with half a dozen remixes of this great track from Originally produced by Paul Staveley O’Duffy the band do all the remixes apart from D1 which was done by Juan Atkins, Acid overtones. All styles are catered for, lounge through to progressive – all before the terms were coined!!!

The last mix is my favourite, less vocals and a stabby electro riff.



Atlantic ‎– DMD 1340 SAM_2021

A1 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Deep Joy) 7:16
A2 New Beats For Old 2:25
B1 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Simply Divine) 5:06
B2 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Divinely Simple) 4:26
C1 Your Love Takes Me Higher (The Pod Went Pop Mix) 8:13
D1 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Magic Juan’s Sex Mix) 6:10
D2 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Burning With DJ Desire) 5:12

Sunday Silly Song 66 – Village People – Y.M.C.A. (New 1993 Remix) (12″)

It had to happen!!! The biggest Party tune of all time getting a re-release in 1993 with a mix by P.W.L. , Phil Kelsey for DMC and Jonathan Blanks & Malcolm Duffy (Diss-cuss)

House Beats and piano get added on the Kelsey, a light dusting. The PWL has quite hard hitting intro and then goes back to disco, and it wasn’t done by the gruesome trio but by studio bod Dave Ford, the House groove returning towards the end.

The most interesting mix is the Diss-Cuss mix,the horns are weirdly sampled in the intro and a Techno/ Rave flavour is added over its 9 minutes. The vocals being cut up and repeated over sequencers.

As a bonus you get the ’79 original version of “Go West” – I forgot they originally did this what a disco classic.



Arista ‎– 74321 177181 village

A1 Y.M.C.A. (PKA 12″ Remix)
A2 Y.M.C.A. (PWL Mix)
B1 Y.M.C.A. (Diss-Cuss 12″ Mix)
B2 Go West (Original Version)