Freiheit ‎– Love Is No Science (CD Rip)


From Germany’s Freiheit this was released in April 1990, so it’s 30 year anniversary. Light AOR / Pop Rock with a big helping of synths and tech. The line-up for this album was ) Vocals, Keyboards – Stefan Zauner, Drums – Rennie Hatzke, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Aron Strobel, Keyboards – Alex Grünwald and Bass – Michael Kunzi.

Produced by Armand Volker, I like there was a sampler assistant – Wolfgang Müller. Th tracks were re-recorded into English from their 6th LP, Purpurmond (in English, Purple Moon) Making it their 3rd English language album.

As usual you do get lots of variety. Mid-pace ballads, electro funk (with raps) – all with their signature E.L.O. layered vocals and Beach Boy-isms. No filler on this album. A lot of that sample sound first heard on “Running Up The Hill” by Kate Bush. (well on 2 tracks) Quite like the “In The Middle Of The Night” and the way it constantly changes.

Sorry it’s only 192 kps Rip! (It must be an old rip) But you get the general idea.

CBS ‎– 467108 2 lovef

1 All I Can Do 3:57
2 Dirty Book 4:01
3 Wheel Of Love 3:33
4 Tell Him Goodbye 4:24
5 Fatal Attraction 3:59
6 Love Is No Science 3:53
7 Jump Into My Holograph 4:41
8 I’m So Sorry 3:13
9 In The Middle Of The Night 3:49
10 Give People A Chance 4:10

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