Tunes From Oz – Part 24 (Late 80’s, 1987-89) LINKS ADDED

Onwards with this continuing series. 1987-1989

INXS ‎– Devil Inside (Re-Mix Version) (US 12″)

From 1987 and the 2nd single off “Kick” remixed by  Francois Kevorkian and Michael Hutchinson who do a decent job, adding a few extra elements but keeping you interested.

“On The Rocks” is a sleazy, late night jazz instrumental track. Plenty of synth horns and real horns. Part of this song was also included in the Video documentary “In Search of Excellence.”

Atlantic ‎– 0-86622 devil

A Devil Inside (Vocal / Remixed Version) 6:36
B1 Devil Inside (Vocal / Edited Version) 3:54
B2 On The Rocks (Vocal / Unavailable On LP) 3:05

Machinations ‎– Do To You (The Pee Wee Cut) (LTD Aussie 12″)

Also from 1987 and going more synth orientated with a definite dance funk edge we have Sydney-based Machinations. Mixed by Oz DJ Pee Wee Ferris with plenty of edits this was from their final album, “Uptown” produced by Andy Wallace.

The other tracks are more “band” sounding. “Looking….” has a mid groove with some loud keyboard riffs, Yamaha DX-7. A bit like a darker Kajagoogoo to my old ears.

“Done” is a bright, dance/funk track derived from the A-side. Prefer it to the main mix, nicely extended with some great horn work.

White Label Records ‎– X 14506 SAM_0245

A Do To You (The Pee Wee Cut)
B1 Done
B2 Looking Out For You

Pseudo Echo ‎– Race (US 12″)

From 1988/9 and Pseudo Echo had grown their hair and embraced rock…..Gulp!! (Christian Rock?!) for this their third album. Moving with the times it seems.

The line-up was ; Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Pierre Gigliotti, Drums, Backing Vocals – Vince Leigh, Keyboards, Backing Vocals – James Leigh and Lead Vocals, Guitar  – Brian Canham.

Produced by the band with Julian Mendelsohn it does have a Stadium feel to it, Van Halen anyone ? Lots of guitar solo’s, I bet the original fans were gobsmacked! There is evidence of some decent song writing but cringe-worthy lyrics, there is still some synth in there somewhere. But….

RCA ‎– 8503-1-R SAM_0244

A1 Fooled Again 4:39
A2 Over Tomorrow 5:05
A3 Caught 4:33
A4 Imagination 4:05
A5 Don’t You Forget 4:15
B1 Runaways 3:16
B2 Searching For A Glory 5:10
B3 Take On The World 3:45
B4 Metropolis 1:50
B5 Eye Of The Storm 3:52

Big Pig – Breakaway (US 12″)

Big drums from March 1988, getting a bit of a The The vibe about this but with a female lead. Roli Mosimann (Swans) provides the percussive heavy mixes on this massive Club Hit, from the album “Bonk.”

To remind you of the line-up; Sherine: Vocals / Percussion
Nick Disbray: Vocals / Percussion
Tony Antoniades: Vocals / Harmonica
Time Rosewarne: Vocals / Keyboards
Oleh Witer: Vocals / Drums
Adrian Scaglione: Drums
Neil Baker: Drums

Like a rocky Stomp and certainly has aged very well!

Nick Launey provides the “Popper Mix” but it has that 80’s sampled bass which immediately ages it , shame.

A&M Records ‎– SP-12259 SAM_4858

A1 Breakaway (Extended Version) 5:43
A2 Breakaway (Dub Mix) 5:13
B1 Breakaway (12″ Popper Mix) 6:02
B2 Breakaway (New Edit) 3:45

Jimmy Barnes ‎– I’m Still On Your Side / Going To Mexico (LTD Aussie 12″)

From 1988 and back to some Rock with the iconic Jimmy Barnes. Country tinged rock given a Bob Clearmountain remix. Powerful, distinct vocals, belted out!

“Going To Mexico” is more boogie woogie rock, ZZ Top-ish.


Mushroom ‎– X13313 SAM_7125

A I’m Still On Your Side (Remix)
B Going To Mexico

INXS ‎– Need You Tonight / Mediate (US 12″)

From 1987 and the rap part called “Mediate” which works a lot better than the later mixes. It was mixed by Bob Clearmountain and Chris Thomas with the “Mediate” bit sounding very Tears For Fears.

The B-side has plenty of bass funk and Barry White vocals, Stax soul saxophone. A Tim Fariss composition.

Atlantic ‎– 0-86645 SAM_2134

A Need You Tonight / Mediate 5:36
B I’m Coming (Home) 4:53

Big Pig ‎– Hungry Town Remix (US Promo 12″)

Some more mixes of an earlier release by Big Pig. More of a Hoe down with synths. Mosimann does the remix. It has harmonica as well plenty of drums.

Nick Launay does a better job on the other B-side mix, going all proto Techno in the middle via some World Music – inventive. Sonic Boom Boy!!

A&M Records ‎– SP-12270 SAM_2031

A Hungry Town (12″ Remix) 5:20
B Hungry Town (Grub Club Mix) (Dance Re-Mix) 6:28

INXS ‎– New Sensation (Nick’s Twelve Inch Mix) (US 12″)

1988 and a rare remix of this massive track by INXS from er… Nick Launay. Plenty of new gimmicks as he plays around adding over dubs, drop outs and generally showing off. A good “alternative” listen for people who know the original.

Another weird B-side with an introduction to Spaghetti Western then going into James Brown via Monty Python. Sampling “I Need You Tonight” as well as loads more random samples.

Atlantic ‎– 0-86572 SAM_2204

A New Sensation (Nick’s Twelve Inch Mix) 6:28
B Guns In The Sky (Kick Ass Mix) 6:00

2 thoughts on “Tunes From Oz – Part 24 (Late 80’s, 1987-89) LINKS ADDED”

  1. Oh man, I love Big Pig. I remember when they came out and I was totally enamored with the percussive sound. Nobody else in my circle of friends “got” them. A real shame. Thank you SO MUCH for these.

    I have all those INXS 12″ on vinyl, but haven’t been able to digitize them, so thank you very much for those. Only thing is the Need You Tonight link is missing.

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