Doctor & The Medics ‎– Laughing At The Pieces (US Vinyl LP)

So before I listened to this I thought novelty, one-hit wonder, Cabaret band.Was I wrong ?

After the opener (that every knows) we get into some Psychedelic Rock, like a sickly cousin of The Damned.

The line-up included; The Doctor (Clive Jackson) – lead vocals, Steve McGuire – guitar, Richard Searle – bass guitar, Steve “Vom” Ritchie – drums and Wendi and Colette Anadin – backing vocals. It was produced by American Craig Lennon, responsible for the discovery and early development of bands including Talking Heads and Ramones.

It’s almost a duet between the Doctor and the Anadin Brothers on most tracks. “Moon Song” has a suitably 70’s Hippie vibe to it – the longest track on the album.

“The Miracle Of The Age” was a very early single produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge and shows early promise.

After listening to the album…. Yes, they are – not much here to grab on to, Sorry not my bag!

I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-5797 SAM_3389

A1 Spirit In The Sky 3:35
A2 Lucky Lord Jim 2:47
A3 No-One Loves You When You’ve Got No Shoes 3:37
A4 Moon Song 4:42
A5 Watermelon Runaway 2:29
B1 Burn 3:29
B2 Kettle On A Long Chain 3:00
B3 Miracle Of The Age 3:53
B4 Come On Call Me 2:35
B5 Smallness Of The Mustard Pot 4:07

One thought on “Doctor & The Medics ‎– Laughing At The Pieces (US Vinyl LP)”

  1. There’s probably a great EP that can be cobbled together from Doctor + The Medics output. I never had this album so I can’t comment, but I did once own the second one. The cover tunes are good fun. The only original I liked was “Burn,” as I have still US promo 7″ers of “Spirit In The Sky” and that one.

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