A Flock Of Seagulls ‎– Flockin’ Around (US Promo 12″)

A rare promo release from 1982 from The Gulls which included previously unreleased track “Pick Me Up”, to help their exposure in the U.S. and continuing the marketing as the ‘New’ Merseybeat.

“I Ran” doesn’t sound extended but starts off in a more sudden way, still takes you back to that time.

“Messages”, which always reminds me of early Spandau, is more indie New Wave, with plenty of guitar, thanks to Reynolds’ Sonicsnout guitar tone and driving bass.

“Pick Me Up” is even more angular, very New Wave and should of been on the debut album. Got a Devo feel to it with Ian Curtis like vocals, a great rare B-side.



Jive ‎– VJ 12003 SAM_4035

A I Ran (So Far Away) (Special Extended Version) 3:56
B1 Messages 2:51
B2 Pick Me Up 3:05

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