Peter Godwin ‎– Baby’s In The Mountains (12″ Extended Re-Mix) (Canadian 12″)

From 1983 and the last of the synth stuff for now. Ex-Metro singer Peter Godwin released this from the LP “Correspondence” and it was produced by Georg Kajanus (Sailor and Data) . Funky New Wave with sequencers and a funky bass benefiting from remixes by John Luongo.

The “New York Mix” brings everything out and has an echo effect on the vocals. A great 12″ with plenty of pure synth moments, a bit PSB in places, A-Ha in others. A bit of a classic 12″ and one I wasn’t familiar with.

The album version is here to compare and contrast.

Some crooning on the slow, atmospheric ballad “Soul Of Love” the closing track from the album.


Polydor ‎– PDSX 2237


A Baby’s In The Mountains (New York Re Mix)
B1 Baby’s In The Mountains (Album Version)
B2 Soul Of Love

2 thoughts on “Peter Godwin ‎– Baby’s In The Mountains (12″ Extended Re-Mix) (Canadian 12″)”

  1. Peter Godwin is an overlooked cult icon by my reckoning. He only ever recorded five albums in his career, but “Baby’s In the Mountains” was an incredibly dynamic track with a fantastic Luongo remix. I only have the US promo and German 12″era of this but my Godwin collection is getting better by the day. I just got the Dutch only 7″ of “Window Shopping” which sported unique 7″ remixes of the A-side by Kajanus and a Zeus B. Held remix of “The Art Of Love” on the B-side. Things like this 37 year later brighten one’s day in dark times.

  2. I always liked this song (and artist)… Thanks for a better copy.

    And the capped bandit returns to his shadows… lol

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