Ofra Haza ‎– Im Nin’alu (Played In Full Mix) / Galbi (Played Out Mix) (US 12″)

Another fantastic and unique female voice; Israeli music star Ofra Haza got some welcome exposure on “Paid In Full” by Eric B and Rakim, in 1988 Sire released these remixes of two of her well known songs. Strong synth backing with a flourish of orchestra it was mixed at Sarm West in London with Bob Kraushaar engineering, hence the quality of the main mix. The “Gates Of Heaven”, by Frank Inglese (Run DMC) and Mark Kamins,  is given Hip-Hop beats and scratches and is a bit less subtle, tries to hard to be Street, nice acapella at the end tho!

“Galbi (Played Out Mix)2 has more beats but works better, Peter Vriends and Allstar Fresh (King Bee) layer the beats and synths, keeping the mystical vibe until the breakdown turns it into a full Hip Hop record!! Interesting.

Pascal Gabriel’s “Liquidator Mix” is quite experimental, playing around with samples and adding a loud squelchy bass over slow breaks.

More Ofra here;






Sire ‎– 0-21001 O H US 12'' Front

A1 Im Nin’alu (Played In Full Mix) 5:44
A2 Im Nin’alu (Gates Of Heaven Mix) 6:54
B1 Galbi (Played Out Mix) 7:02
B2 Galbi (Liquidator Mix) 6:13

3 thoughts on “Ofra Haza ‎– Im Nin’alu (Played In Full Mix) / Galbi (Played Out Mix) (US 12″)”

  1. Oh my, this beauty has been dead now for 20 years and I had no idea she passed away :O o_O
    I ‘member very well that unique melody rotating on MTV back in the days. Although in hindsight, all the Played In Full and variations are quite grating.
    One the other hand, Pascal Gabriel’s “Liquidator Mix” is quite my cup of coffee, and looks like a vinyl exclusive. In fact, I don’t remember ever hearing a dud from Pascal Gabriel. If you would, please share flac, much appreciated.

  2. Hmm, this “Liquidator Mix by Pascal Gabriel” is present on some CD singles as “The Emilio Pasquez Mix”. It’s exactly the same. But the vinyl rip by DJJEDREDY has more dynamic sound :E

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