Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 20 – (Still in the early 80’s) *Links Added*

INXS – Don’t Change (UK 12″)

From June 1983 and very rare early INXS, all epic E-Bow guitars and New Wave synths. It sounds that it could be released now. Produced by Mark Optiz and from the LP “Shabooh Shabaah”

LP track “Golden Playpen” jangles powerfully with lead saxophone and soaring synths. Rare track is a short, Doo-wap pastiche, “You Never Used To Cry,” pounding drums and an unusual vocal delivery from Hutchence.

Mercury ‎– INXS 12 SAM_1907

A Don’t Change 4:24
B1 You Never Used To Cry 2:11
B2 Golden Playpen 3:02


Various ‎– The Heat’s On (Aussie Vinyl LP) 

On what must be the equivalent of the UK’s *”As Advertised On T.V.”) Ronco record label. J & B Records 1982 compilation brings together 9 Aussie artists, giving them 2 tracks each. On research it seems most of the tracks had been hits. Sorry for being totally unaware of most of the tracks but this album was a great taster for me.

Divinyl’s kick the record off with their melodic, female vocal led, rock. Christina Amphlett (R.I.P) was certainly a powerful front woman, with those distinct vocals and sadly missed. “Only Lonely” is slightly less punk and but very catchy.

Sydney’s singer/songwriter, Richard Clapton provides the next riffy rock track. Again the second track is a gentle rock ballad, with the late Harvey James on guitar. I hear a synth solo but it gets faded out! (Freeing up space on this crammed compilation ?)

Mi-Sex bring back the synths and the glam New Wave with rock guitars. Whilst The Angels return to chugging rock with their popular track, “Fashion And Fame.”

I’m liking The Numbers from New South Wales, their 1980 track “Five Letters Word” is sung by bassist Annalisse Morrow, getting a Pretenders vibe about it.

Cold Chisel is in the same style as ACDC in the vocal department. Good old Aussie Pub Rock. With a contrasting track, “My Baby”, bringing piano into the mix.

Swanee (John Swan and originally from Glasgow, Scotland and older brother of Jimmy Barnes) is more bluesy rock with another great rock voice on his cover of “If I Were A Carpenter”, contrasting ballad ” Lady What’s Your Name” was also a hit. 

Dragon weigh in with 2 hits from the late 70’s. Whilst Melbourne’s The Orphans (Alex Burns ( Vocals) , Cres Crisp, (Keyboards) Michael Bright ( Guitar), Alexis Batsch ( Bass) and Jimmy Logan ( Drums).) go into New Waves,  Boomtown Rats territory. The synth returning on “Hop, Skip ,Jump ” – a favourite from this varied compilation.


J & B Records ‎– JB118 SAM_5252

A1 Divinyls Boys In Town
A2 Divinyls Only Lonely
A3 Richard Clapton I Am An Island
A4 Richard Clapton Spellbound
A5 Mi-Sex Castaway
A6 Mi-Sex But You Don’t Care
A7 The Angels Fashion And Fame
A8 The Angels No Secrets
A9 The Numbers Five Letter Word
B1 Cold Chisel You Got Nothing I Want
B2 Cold Chisel My Baby
B3 Swanee If I Were A Carpenter
B4 Swanee Lady What’s Your Name
B5 Dragon April Sun In Cuba
B6 Dragon Are You Old Enough
B7 The Orphans Big Ronnie
B8 The Orphans Hop, Skip, Jump
B9 The Numbers Big Beat

The Dugites ‎– No Money (Aussie E.P. 12″)

From August 1982 and more synth led New Wave from The Dugites. A 5 track E.P. to fill the gap between their second and third albums. The line-up ; Vocals, Percussion – Lynda Nutter, Keyboards – Peter Crosbie, Guitar – Andrew Pendlebury (The Sports), Marimbas, Vibraphone  – Chris Turpin, Drums – Clarence Bailey and Bass Guitar – Paul Noonan.

It starts off with the gentle Calypso of “No Money,” New Wave dance of “Decide” and the dramatic “Poor Daughter”, the sparkly Pop of “Only A Woman Knows” and the soulful ballad, “Don’t Lean On Me”

Rough Diamond Records ‎– RDM 8805 SAM_0882

A1 No Money 3:34
A2 Poor Daughter 3:59
B1 Only A Woman Knows 3:02
B2 Don’t Lean On Me 4:50
B3 Decide 2:45

Various ‎– Maiden Australia (US Vinyl LP)

Another compilation this time with a New Wave theme geared to the American market. Released in 1983 most of this stuff has been up on previous Oz series and will require an re-up as usual so get this while it’s here.

Starting with a rare Split Enz track, “Next Exit” from 1983 (originally recorded in 1979) which flopped as a single in Australia. Tim Finn on fine form on vocals, a happy song about suicide.

The Expression, from Sydney,  have quite a classic synth pop / New Wave sound (fretless bass). This is the B-side to their debut single, the longest track on here and a definite highlight, that annoyingly fades out on the unexpected guitar solo!

Mental As Anything do Honolulu on the gentle skiffle on their 1982 single release. “Women In Uniform” by Skyhooks is glam stomp from 1978.

Runners, from Melbourne, have their 3rd single aired on here, Foreigner soft rock. Renee Geyer (another Kiwi!) provides reggae disco with this Eddy Grant cover.

Jo Jo Zep goes falsetto on the precussive heavy ,funky, horn-drenched “Taxi Mary” (his debut solo release) Cha Cha Cha!

Wendy provides an air guitar opportunity whilst Machinations do their Duran Spandau impression. D D Smash produce a really good 2 Tone in a Dexy’s style.

Sydney rockers “Discipline” give it a bit of Mod Rock some pounding drums and feedback guitar.

Hunters And Collectors give us an Alt. Rock closer, P.I.L. via The Cure.


A&M Records ‎– A&MSP 6-4986 SAM_0134

A1 Split Enz Next Exit 3:39
A2 The Expression Nothing Changes 4:27
A3 Mental As Anything Close Again 2:57
A4 Skyhooks Women In Uniform 3:30
A5 Runners Endlessly 3:45
A6 Renee Geyer Say I Love You 3:23
B1 Jo Jo Zep Taxi Mary 4:17
B2 Wendy & The Rockets Security 3:43
B3 Machinations Pressure Sway 4:03
B4 D.D. Smash Outlook For Thursday 4:07
B5 Sunnyboys Discipline 3:10
B6 Hunters & Collectors Lumps Of Lead 4:09

INXS ‎– Original Sin (Dream On) (US Promo 12″)

How good does this sound for 1984? Thanks to Nile Rogers (fresh from production with Duran Duran) Here with all 3 versions. HUGE DRUMS!

ATCO Records ‎– PR 586 SAM_1945

A1 Original Sin (Single Version) 3:46
A2 Original Sin (LP Version) 6:22
B Original Sin (Dance Version) 6:00

Mi-Sex ‎– Only Thinking (Aussie 7″)

Very, very synthy this Bob Clearmountain produced track from 1982. The B-side returns to their synth rock sound. This eventually appeared on the ’83 album, “Where Do They Go?”

“The Name Game” seems to be a unique B-side and a good one at that.

CBS ‎– BA 223106 SAM_1128

A Only Thinking
B The Name Game

Pseudo Echo ‎– Listening (Aussie 7″)

Synthpop with a touch of the Simple Minds about it. From 1983 and the bands debut 7″. Produced by Peter Dawkins it really shows a band full of ideas and heavily influenced by the New Wave sound coming from Europe at the time. The B-side is one of the best “new” early 80’s tracks that I’ve heard, almost Ultravox.

EMI ‎– EMI.1158 listenin




A Listening 3:01
B In Their Time 5:40

Mondo Rock ‎– No Time (Aussie 7″)

Rocky New Wave from 1982, Mondo Rock.

B-side is a surf rock , semi-instrumental and a unique B-side.

WEA ‎– 100210 mondo

A No Time 4:03
B Il Mondo Caffe 2:48

8 thoughts on “Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 20 – (Still in the early 80’s) *Links Added*”

  1. Pseudo Echo’s debut really was strong Ultravox sauce well delivered. INXS B-sides were usually solo efforts by single band members. An eclectic blend that hearing a mix tape of B-sides finally convinced my that this was a band to love. “Never Used To Cry” was a John Farris solo effort. That’s not him and not Michael Hutchence singing.

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