Ministry ‎– Work For Love (US 12″)

I love the way I can put Swingout Sister alongside Ministry in today’s duo.

From 1983 and the funky and synth squelchy “Work For Love”, cheesy synths and lyrics but the studio gloss is very evident. Produced by Ian Taylor (Devo, Toni Basil) and Vince Ely (Psychedelic Furs)

Three similar mixes and toe-tappingly good.

How is this the Ministry of scary Industrial Guitar fame ?

Let the debate begin!

Arista ‎– CP 726 SAM_2694

A Work For Love (Extended Version) 6:25
B1 Work For Love (Short Version) 3:58
B2 Work For Love (Dub Version) 6:15

4 thoughts on “Ministry ‎– Work For Love (US 12″)”

  1. I love the early Ministry sound that Al Jourgensen decries! The edgiest thing about this record [which I used to have] was the Japanese manga porn sleeve. I call the early Ministry sound “snide disco.” It’s to the right of Cabaret Voltaire but about on par with what Depeche Mode was doing at the time.

  2. Al will say he took umbrage with Clive Davis interfering with the album (but then why sign with Arista?). I love this album too & was blown away with his evolution through Twitch.

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