Belouis Some -Sometimes (The Beloved Remixes) (2 x 12″)

Unbeknownst to some, Belouis sneaked some tracks out in the 90’s. From the album “Living Your Life” this was written with Pete Oxendale and got a release in ’94. Arranged by Geoff Dugmore (Europeans, Killing Joke) and Nigel Butler, released on Some’s own label. It’s a bit like The Beloved  in places and sounds a bit dated for ’94. (in fact they do most of the mixes and only just found that out!)

The 3AM mix is an instrumental, the 6AM mix is deeper, plenty of chimes, again very little vocals but a Balearic vibe.

Some Music LTD ‎– Some 1SAM_8936

A1 Sometimes (1Am Good Time Vocal Mix) 6:50
A2 Sometimes (Instrumental) 6:50
B1 Sometimes (3Am Fun Time Mix) 6:50
B2 Sometimes (6Am Dream Time Mix) 6:45

The Rapino Brothers (Italian duo Charlie Mallozi and Marco Sabiu)give it more of an indie funk vibe. Almost Erasure like on the main mix

The “Cultosaurus” mix is a bit more experimental, space – disco with a skittering beat.

Some Music LTD ‎– Some R1 SAM_9694

A1 Sometimes (New Jersey Swamp Mix) 6:22
B1 Sometimes (New Jersey Swamp Mix Instrumental) 6:22
B2 Sometimes (Cultosaurus Erectus Mix) 5:20

Here are both 12″‘s


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